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It grows only by clinging on to your memories
Though the thorns of tears twist and become scarred
I need to protect this place forever
Because my love is only you, Maria Maria

A new song, by the one who means the world to me

Hey all!

It's been 364days since I last made an appearance, so I thought I'd resurface once more. It's going to be a short return, a respite from everything happening right now, but I'll work hard to be a better writer, a better countess. I offer my sincerest gratitude to everyone still remembering my works, my characters, and I, because you've held onto something I'd forgotten.

A little something about myself:

I'm a gemini sharing a birthday with my favorite group, teenager floundering with work and a new school, and a fan. Of everything old and new. I move on quickly, love easily, yet, it's impossible to truly forget. Every memory, every love, is tucked away into the deep corners of my heart. Eternally there, never forgotten.

About my works:

For the record, I'm inclined towards creating my own characters, and enjoying the special bond shared with them. Sometimes they appear more Mary Sue than not, somethings they just, go out of hand. Yet, I guess I still love them more than most canon ones. 'Cause they're mine.

Hope you'd like my stories, especially my precious Hime no Shizukana Namida series, and enjoy the process of reading, as much as I did when writing.

Shadow Countess

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