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Name: Kristalyn call me Kei for short.

Age: 16, turning 17 in about a month adn a half

DOB: Not gonna let you know.

POB: I was born in a distant planet. Heh!

Nationality: Filipino. Yes. Filipino. So what??

Origin: Philippines.

Interests: Video games, animation (3D and 2D), Character designing, japanese music, .

Eye color: Brown. Dark Brown.

Hair color: Black. or Dark Brown when exposed under bright light or sunlight. Heh.

Height: uhm...5'1"..? I really don't know. .

Weight: 40 plus kilos..i think

Okay. I'M A NEWBIE in fan fiction. So please be kind. and PLEASE--be gentle when criticizing , coz if you're too harsh, I WILL ANSWER YOU BACK WITH TONS OF FILIPINO BAD WORDS THAT WILL HURT YOU.

I really like anime. and video games. and books. and tons of stuff you think that doesn't even exist.

I love random stuff.

And, yes, i seem to like yaoi (but not to the point where you FANTASIZE about them, it just WRONG)

Stories im going to make..? Well. It really depends. I think of characters, the plot, the scenes...but never write them down. Tekken, i think.

Im gonna post it as soon as im done with the prologue..hope you guys like it...i just hope...

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