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i am a mexican- american who likes watching naruto shippuden and bleach and its a shame that bleach is being cancelled.
for my naruto/bleach crossover story idea is that during the aftermath of the winter war with aizen soul society is destroyed and the only survivors are ichigo kurosaki and his wife rukia kurosaki who is pregnant with misaki their only child.they find themselves in the whirlpool village courtesy of kisuke messing with the senkaimon gate and they have no way back.also misaki's daughter must be kushina uzumaki who find themselves leaving the whirpool village after its destroyed by kumo,iwa and kiri.there must be a time skip during this where during the kyuubi/kurama attack on konoha both minato,ichigo,kushina and rukia die stopping kyuubi/kurama thus leaving misaki being the only one who can take care of her only grandchild naruto.also ichigo and rukia seal zangetsu,sodenoshirayuki,tsukiyomi,benihime and senbonzakura into naruto knowing that one day he will need it to stop madara uchiha.

for naruto's harem he must have shizuka,shion,hotaru tsuchigumo,koyuki,haruna,toki,amaru,sasame fuma,fu and yugito nii and no konoha girls at all.besides having one of them been done before such as hinata,sakura and ino.

for naruto's gennin team his sensei must be yugao uzuki and hus teammates must be shizuka,fu and yugito nii.if you want to have the infamous wave country misiion that is optional.also naruto must be called by his father's last name namikaze not uzumaki.then naruto must have the rinnegan in this story by the time of the chunin exams.then naruto must not go on a 2 or 3 year training mission with jiraiya becaue that has been done before in other naruto stories as well.also naruto's grandmother misaki tells naruto about her parents and her father being a vizard which is something will become in this story.if you want lemons in this story that is at your discretion if you want to try.this story can be called konoha's blonde shinigami

if you want to bash sasuke ,danzo,sakura and certain konoha village fools go right ahead.i ask that you update at least twice a week and the rating should be at least m.good luck if anyone reading this want to try this and in case anyone is asking this is my first time updating my profile and readind some naruto/bleach crossover stories inspired me to try to ask any readers to try out this story.

for my next naruto/bleach crossover is during the aftermath of the war against aizen soul society is destroyed and ichigo is dying so the shinigami queen kiyomi sends him to the forest of death were he finds naruto fighting orochimaru.ichigo who saves naruto then proceeds to tell him about why he is there and he tells him the truth about his parents minato and kushina.then ichigo tells him about the upcoming 4th shinobi war that is coming and he warns naruto to be ready when it happens.then he hands over zangetsu to him telling him that his zanpakuto will always be there for him at all times.then by sheer luck he activates the rinnegan and he shocks the 3rd hokage telling him he knows who his parents are.

naruto must achieve bankai by the time of the 3rd round of the chunin exams and he must keep his rinnegan abilities a secret until he fights either neji or gaara.

for naruto's harem he can have shizuka,shion,amaru,hotaru tsuchigumo,koyuki,mei terumi,samui and temari and you must try to update at least 2 a week.keep the rating at least m.

for the 3rd naruto/bleach crossover is that once again soul society is destroyed and ichigo is dying so he is sent by the shinigami queen kiyomi or kisara whatever name you choose is fine.ichigo is sent to the night naruto steals the forbidden scroll and he tells naruto about who his parents are.then he hands over zangetsu,senbonzakura,hyorinmaru and ryujinjakka to naruto telling him about the upcoming 4th shinobi war that will occur in 3years.then fem kyuubi agrees to become a zanpakuto i would prefer that she becomes benihime so that she is out of the reach of madara naruto must not be a part of team7 at all.

naruto namikaze's jonin sensei must be yugao uzuki and his teammates must be shizuka,fu and hotaru tsuchigumo.

for the harem naruto must have shizuka,shion,amaru,mei terumi,koyuki,yugito and konoha kunoichi's are to be a part of naruto's harem at all.also naruto must activate the rinnegan during his fight with mizuki and he demands that the 3rd hokage tell him the truth about his parents.

naruto must achieve bankai with zangetsu,senobonzakura and hyorinmaru by the time of the chunin exams start and his first opponent must be either neji hyuuga or kurotsuchi during the 2nd round fo the chunin exams.if you want naruto to use bankai on his enemy go right ahead.but he must use zangetsu against gaara when the invasion

starts.also naruto can use bankai against tsunade when they fight but you must have naruto use either senbonzakura or hyorinmaru.

you must update this at least twice a week and the rating must be least a m.if you want lemon scenes that is up to you if have any at me if you want to try any of the 3 story ideas

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