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I don't really consider myself a good author. Maybe a half decent one. I mostly am here just to read fanfic. Occasionally though, my mind wanders, and from it, a plot bunny manifests. This account just happens to be where I dump some of those fickle rabbits. Well, not all of them. If I did, I'd probably have a hundred one chapter unfinished stores here.

Current works (in order of motivation to write)

Kagome's Diary (I feel like I might want to change the title though. Or definitely update the description summary. Any suggestions?)

Kagome comes into possession of Tom Riddle's Diary and somehow the horcrux leeches power from her to slowly manifest Tom. Follows Tom's frustrations at a slow come to power and an obvious language barrier. Mostly in Tom's point of view. (KagomexTom)

Strength from Betrayal (definitely want to change the title. don't know what to)

Kagome's family rules the human society across the mountains neighboring the Taisho family. The two families are close but relations between and within the families shatter due to her mother's and Inutaisho's affair. Sesshomaru's mother takes a broken Kagome under her wing and raises her up to be stronger than she ever was. (KagomexSesshomaru, InutaishoXInukimi, InutaishoXIzayoi, KagomeXInuyasha)

Eyes on Kagome

Kagome wakes up one day to find that she has turned into a baby velociraptor. She now has three dinosaur sisters and a cocky human alpha. (KagomeXOwen)

Overtime (under indefinite hiatus)

Before she falls through the well, Kagome meets Kiba in the woods and they share an unusual companionship. Kiba, having grown extremely attached to the human, feels betrayed when Kagome does not return to him one day and vows to never fully trust anyone again. When she appears years later, he cannot deny feeling an even stronger pull towards the girl that he dubbed his Moon Maiden. (KagomeXKiba)

shitty summaries. Was never good at them.

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