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Hey im Becca, Im 22

Im thinking of starting a story but I'm not the best at putting it into words. It would be a from Bellas point of view, I'm not exactly sure who the pairings would be because I havent gotten that far. But I have a bunch of ideas and Id love some help. I may post a first chapter and summary to see how It all looks and hope for some reviews, critism is always welcome as well as advice.

If you read this, please pm with advice, its oct 3rd 2014 and I'm hoping to do this soon.

I love the Twilight series, and reading FanFiction makes it better because sometimes it adds to the story or changes it completely but it is still awesome to see so many different stories, plots, and ideas.

I love to give ideas to authors if they need help writing a story or have writers block. Im like coming up with plots and ideas and making them work in a story.

Im not a Beta because my Grammar and spelling suck. Plus I dont want to dissapoint anyone if I mess up.

I read almost all pairings. I also read the All Human ones too those are good and I enjoy them too. And I love reviewing and getting responces from the writers. PM me anytime

Bella/Jazz - I love these , I love the "Major" and "God of War" and Peter/Char involvment and Bella has a backbone and stands up for herself,

Bella/Edward - I like these stories but they have to be good and draw me in from the summary, because I have read alot of different stories and so one minute I like these stories and the next im hating on them. do I kinda jump back and forth from liking to hating Edward.

Bella/Emmett - They show a more serious and loving side of Em along with his jokster ways and Bella is more open. Plus I love the more funny side of Bella.

Bella/Pack(Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry, Jake, Quil, Seth,) - These show Bella with a backbone and motheringa and strong, I love readding them.

Bella/Garrett, Bella/Peter - These are awesome because bella is more carefree and stronger and is headstrong, but lets her jokester out.

Bella/Felix, Bella/Demetri, Bella/Alec - These show a different and more caring side if the Volturi and I love them when they arent evil.

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