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July 2021: Yes, a sequel to Two Heartbeats Out of Step is in the works. Thank you for those who have inquired, I am very flattered and thrilled by the reception. That being said, it's going to be a bit slower going, so I hope you will bear with me!

June 2021: I'll still be posting anything I write here too, as long as is around. But if you prefer AO3, you can find my stuff on there under misplaced_optimism.

February 2021: A decade later, Phantom is complete!

Hello! Thank you for stumbling your way into my territory! Sorry there isn't much to see (it's because I like to daydream more than I like to write). I'm prone to changing my profile name because I'm indecisive, hopefully this one sticks. FKA: Princess Buttercup, Annanimity, and Miss As You Wish. Sorry, that is confusing. At least I never change my profile picture? she/her.

Find me:

yamwhatiyam over on the Skip Beat discord

misplaced_optimism on Ao3

emotional-support-waterbottle on tumblr for fanart I've done (mostly Skip Beat, Ghibli, Miraculous Ladybug, BTS, a smattering of other things)

art & image credits:

avatar (thrilling heroics) - I have no idea, if you know who made this please let me know, I would really like to thank them

My Fic Covers - The Guard and the Princess, art (c) me, All other stories, original art (c) Yoshiki Nakamura, photoshop by yours truly

Covers for Other Fics - Parisian Interlude by Parkerbear, All You Wanna Do, Sweater Weather, and Lotuses and Cornflowers by Claraowl

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