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"I never want to see anyone, and I never want to go anywhere or do anything. I just want to write." (& read ;) - P.G. Wodehouse

Primary writing name: Moon6Shadow, oceanshimmerspirit-blog

Old writing names: MoonShadow, BluishShimmer, Moonette Wolfsong, Forever Reading aka meg

Sorry this account is currently dead.

5.8.13: Been cleaning up my account a bit and changed my name so people would start recognising me when I'm site hopping all over the place (which I seem to do an awful lot) plus I joined fanfiction years ago and kind of outgrew my old account name.

Stories: (How to find my work)

30/04/18: Aside from Tumblr all my usernames have been changed to Moon6Shadow on all my sites online. I'm mostly a reading lurker over on AO3 and Tumblr at this point in time.

18.9.13: I did dabble in FanFiction and still do sometimes however the majority of my work uses is original and I've finally decided to start uploading some of my works on Deviant Art as BluishShimmer (about my only account that isn't MoonShadow or something similar now...ahem) so sorry for those who really liked my writing earlier since I never wrote any followups, your comments were much appreciated but hopefully you enjoy my original writing as well.

Favorites and authors:

(5.8.13) This is a list made up over years of ever changing interests and maturities when I had little better to do than read from sun up till sun down *cough* up *cough, so basically it's a mix-mash of stories and authors from every different rating and genre imaginable all muddled together which I haven't even attempted to sort out yet. So feel free to wander but please watch your step and read the warning signs because it's a jungle out there. ;)

Old Works:

Threesoms Galore:


This community was a fleeting craze that ended up a lot bigger than I ever intended unfortunately by now I have little to no interest in going back to it however since Untidytowns has put so much effort into this community (please give a big thank you if you're a supporter) and so many people are now following this community I've decided to leave it up and running.

Old post:

While I'm amazed and thrilled at how well liked this community has become I deserve very little credit as soon after I created it I began focusing on other books and ended up asking untidytowns to become a staff member. Untidytowns has turned my pitifully small community into a source for threesome lovers who want to skip the frustrating searching for these often elusive fics which is exactly what I originally set out to create. Thankyou Untidytowns!

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