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Note: the pen name Womgi has and will have nothing to do with the Wilshire Oncology Medical Group, Inc. if you were searching for the above mentioned, please don't bother me about it. That is sarcasm by the way

On a journey to rediscovering my literary path.


Does it feel like 2020 is like the planet is attempting to relive a disaster movie?

I wonder if the concept of heaven started of as some hapless luminary was enmoured with the idea, or rather the realisation that Humans are at peace only when dead. It would certainly explain a lot of things


my path to fanfiction:

The first fanfiction i ever read was star trek based. i don't remember where exactly, but i do remember it was based on DS9. After that, i was curious, and with the help of google(yay!) i was happily ploughing through dozens of star trek fanfics by the week. the fact that it was the summer hols didn't hurt. After my glorious run there, at which point you realize, i still hadn't stumbled upon FFN, i was soon into gundam(UC) fanfics. that was the first time i found FFN and i was in love. after several fanfics, which i really liked, i was soon into warhammer 40k fics. i must admit that my only exposure there was to the pc version of dawn of war which i liked. so again, i camped there, reading about tau and assassins, orcs and necron and what not. Somewhere in this stage, i found warhammer and star wars crossovers. and from there things just spiralled. i was into naruto and so i spent an extremely long time there. harry potter started from crossovers. i found stargate HP crossovers quite fun. and now, i read everything i find interesting. my own long winded journey has pulled me through thousands of fics, some bad, some great and most good. i personally don't consider myself a great writer, but i admire the authors here, who have shown me that whatever the result, there is no greater joy than writing



I recently learned that Chilord passed away, from stage 4 cancer. its quite sobering to think of mortality when you're talking about aomeone who's stories you'd just recently read. and then a bit of research led me to several other great authors who have moved on from the mortal coil, forever beyond our reach and support. I would like to give a toast to all the authors who are no longer here with us. You arent here now, but when you were, you touched all our hearts and inspired others to follow your footprints in the sand. And though you may not pop up in our updates anymore, we know of your earthly works, and we do not forget. May your afterlives be as enjoyable as your writings have made our lives!

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