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I'm currently trying (and failing) to draw sonic so that I can add him to the commission that I've tried to do but I can never get right. I've got the Japanese version of Sonic X season 3 fully downloaded but I still need the subtitles. We're still working on the motorbike which definitely needs a re-bore (Dammit)

Okay, I know that i said god only knows when that I would have the commission done by now but I have found much to my dismay that I cannot draw Sonic at all. I'm really, really disappointed at myself but that doesn't mean I've given up it's just taking far longer than I thought it would. As soon as I can build up my drawing ability I WILL put it up on my dA page. So this goes to tailsisreal sorry mate about the time it's taken but there is nothing that can be done to speed up the process. :(


Age: 21

Gender: Male (at least I was the last time I checked lol)

Taste In Music: Better than most peoples my age XD

The Beatles
The Who
Guns 'N' Roses
Def Leppard
Duran Duran
Dire Straits
Green Day
Angels & Airwaves
Blink 182
Crush 40
Michael Jackson
Lost Prophets
Manic Street Preachers
Thin Lizzy
Van Halen and many, many more than I have room to mention oh and as to what songs I like of said artists I simply don't have room to mention them all, suffice to say it's a list that includes 2000 plus songs

Place Of Residence: Killamarsh, Sheffield, England, North Sea, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe

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