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I forgot some so I'm updating again.

I'm leaving the links to Perusing the Shelves and 4Shared because these are great sites for pdfs of "older" stories that have been pulled; many of which I may have listed below.

Well, I’ve had this account for almost 4 years now so everyone knows I’m a TwiCougar! I don’t write but I read… Didn’t before the Twilight Saga came along but now I can’t seem to quit reading these damn fan fictions! I’ve found I like (almost) ALL kinds of Twilight fan fiction. I don’t really care if they are human only or vampire/human. I thought I only liked angsty ones but have decided I like funny ones and smutty ones too; I'm not too picky. One thing I can’t do is OOC characters though… I can’t read Edward with Rose or Alice with Carlisle, etc. If a story starts OOC but ends up canon (and I know that from the initial post or promise from the author), I “might” be able to hang on and read it until we get to canon pairings.

I own a Twitter account that I'm on about twice a year ( and a Facebook account I mostly follow for recs and updates with some occasional Robsten news ( Occasionally I hit up other communities or the Twilight forum, but not too often. If you find me online, be forewarned that you are encountering my alter-ego (the one that is obsessed with Twilight, fan fiction & Rob Pattinson) that allows me an opportunity to express my 'wild' side. In this alter-ego I curse like a MF, find smut enjoyable & can imagine Rob's face in pretty much every one of those 'Edward' stories (but of course, for some reason, Bella looks like 'me' - or maybe I look like her??)!

So……… I’ve been reading Twilight fan fics for YEARS now and I know some of you follow my recs so I keep a handy little list down below.

If you are an AUTHOR, there are some things you should know about me:

1) If you get one of my “passionate” reviews, please don’t take it personally. Actually, the best compliment I can give you in a review is one full of frustration and anger with your characters! Please know that I’m NEVER angry with the author… I admire that y’all are willing to put yourself out there and share these wonderful stories with us.

2) If I have typos and grammatical errors in my reviews, I’m SORRY! I’m ‘texting’ incompetent and if I can’t type it on a full-size keyboard (yes, like the kind we used to use on a TYPEWRITER 20 years ago), I tend to get frustrated and just let the mistakes get posted! And since almost all of my reading is on my iPhone, well… you get the picture! (Especially the word “HELL”! Every time I try to type it my phone changes it to “he’ll” like I meant to use the contraction for “he will” instead of cursing! Damn iPhone!!!!!!)

3) If I read your story and you’re not on one of my lists, I’m SORRY! It doesn’t mean your story wasn’t awesome, it just means out of the hundreds of Twilight fan fics I've read, it either wasn't necessarily for me or didn't have the "wow" factor for me personally. Writing, like art, is subjective... not everyone likes the same things. Sometimes I’ll start a story and it’s really good but it may not have the momentum I’m looking for in a story. If I stop reading because you didn’t get to update “regularly”, chances are that I will be back when it becomes a completed story.

4) If I don’t read your story, please don’t be offended! While I’m open to most anything (see opening paragraph up top), there are things I’m usually looking for when I decide to start a story or not (and it’s not always about how many reviews it’s got or how many people are telling me to read it)… I prefer Edward/Bella stories – if they aren’t the main characters, I probably won’t read it. While I will read a story that’s not a HEA, the reason for the “not HEA” has to be death or something similar -- if it’s because Edward’s going to end up with Tanya and break Bella’s heart…. I’m not going to read it. And if you didn’t give fair warning in your summary and I read it until the end, I probably will be pissed at you!

5) I don’t like sequels, outtakes or stories told a second time in someone else’s POV (at least generally speaking). There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. So, if you notice I’m not reviewing on Outtakes, it’s nothing about you as an author… it’s just a personal preference.

6) I notice I'm not fond of stories where half of it is in the present and the other half is in the past. There is nothing wrong with these stories and some are on my "must reads", they just aren't as exciting to me. It would be like reading Breaking Dawn but during the pregnancy Stephanie Meyer would tell everything that happened in the prior 3 books through Bella's memories...


Right now I only have ONE favorite author where I read EVERYTHING (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that she writes. All of her stories have an original spin on them. She tends to write troubled Edwards and most of her stories have a signature trademark which is that each chapter ends with a question or some random statement. That writer is Shay Savage (Savage7289): or http:///. I'm not even going to bother listing all of her stories below because I would have to list them ALL... just click on her profile and start reading her stories from start to finish -- ALL OF THEM! She also has a new original story available on Amazon for Kindle called "Otherwise Alone".

A few other authors I really like are PlanetBlue (, Jaxon22 ( and Nolebucgrl (
As of 1/14/13, I'm adding another author, CaraNo ( I'll be honest and say I wasn't too "into" some of her earlier work but she has really progressed as a writer (IMO).

I had other favorites, but most of them quit writing or are on hiatus? (HunterHunting, AngstGoddess 003 & Kharizzmatik).

My TOP FIVE (so far) out of everything I’ve read (and they are actually ranked with EP being my #1 favorite):
Note: At some point, some of these stories have been (or will be) pulled for publication. They will remain in my top 5 as long as I feel they warrant their spot there. These are the stories that have won a place in my heart and if/when something I like better comes along, I will rewrite my list. Until then, available for reading or not, these are the best of the best (IMO, of course)! Honestly, I would probably have to read a couple of them again to see if something more recent warrants bumping them down.

I'm on my phone so i can't do this profile edit justice right now but Deviant by PlanetBlue is going somewhere in my top 5! Manchu is the best Edward ever. The story is all romance, no angst. I wouldn't really call it fluff, But definitely Steamy hot. I'll take this Edward over Pennyward, Hockeyward or even Fifty any day! A MUST READ and it's now complete!!!

10/22/13: I really, really need to redo this profile page! Another must read is Glycerine by Livie79. It's complete. Angst with a HEA! Actorward. I stopped whatever I was doing to read the updates even if it meant hiding out in the bathroom! Last story I did that for was EP back in 2010??

Emancipation Proclamation (Sempre Forever) (Kharizzmatik aka JM Darhower) http:///Sempre-Forever-ebook/dp/B00740OORO/ Although I had to start it 3 times before allowing myself to be open to the storyline, it quickly became (and remains) my #1 fan fic to date... First kiss, first love, first sex, first dance -- all with heap loads of love, hate, sex, friendship, betrayal, slavery, the mafia, the feds, murder, mystery and above all else, freedom. You never know what's up and what's coming next! Sempre Forever is the published (non Edward/Bella) version of EP. I did buy it; I suggest you buy it to. Of course, you can probably get someone to send you a pdf of EP but once an author publishes the story as a book, I personally don't like to publish links to the original work.

High Anxiety (EdwardsBloodType) NO ONE should have to go through what Edward does in this story, much less at 16 y/o. I don't want to spoil anything about the story but basically, he's got a restraining order that prevents him from touching girls. Of course, he and Bella find some interesting ways around that one! The 2-part epilogue moved this one from #10 on my list all the way to #2! J (Complete)

Wide Awake (AngstGoddess3) http:///699.html Incredibly angsty, fragile story between 2 teens with lost souls. Honestly, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t recommend this story so if you haven’t read it…. Why not? (Complete)

Clipped Wings & Inked Armor (hunterhunting)http:///Clipped-Wings-Helena-Hunting-ebook/dp/B00F8KUK8O and http:///Inked-Armor-Helena-Hunting-ebook/dp/B00F8KUKFC/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1XB3CD1JMQQ593WXHF3Y Tattoos & piercings? I never thought I'd find that attractive but the Edward in this story is HOT. And this is another very angsty story with mystery, murder, love and loss. These 2 are carrying around some serious baggage. (Complete) * Clipped Wings and Inked Armor are available for purchase as two separate books at .

Master of the Universe (duh... Fifty Shades of Gray) (Snowqueens Icedragon aka E.L. James) Fuckin' hot! That sums it up! This is the Edward we all want to marry (or wish we had – but don’t tell our husbands that)! (Complete – But published. Go to and order“Fifty Shades of Grey”.) Again, you can find the original version floating around the internet if you are so inclined. There's one really cool version that has MOU on the left and 50 SoG on the right for comparison reading, lol!

WORKS IN PROGRESS that currently "OWN" Me:

Let It Be Me (chantiemaya) This one is tearing me up. Edward is a musician and met Bella when he was 21 years old new to "stardom", she was only 17. It's over 10 years later and they meet again when he is a guest at the hotel she manages. He feels the pull but he can't figure out why... As she gives him hints and he pieces the puzzle together, it's not a pretty story. Edward was not in a good place when he was 21. COMPLETE

Fix You (chocaholic123) This story has me so intrigued and one reason is, the only place I know she's going is from what is given in the prologue. Bella shows up in Edward's office to announce they have a child. She met him 12 years ago, last saw him a year ago, she's currently with someone else (no clue who), have no idea if he's seeing anyone or not and apparently, he hates her (and we have no idea why). You can't help but impatiently wait for the next chapter hoping you'll get something, anything to help give you another piece to the puzzle! COMPLETE

Masen Rules (CaraNo) This is a drabble fic so I'm not sure how she manages it but she divulges something 'new' in every chapter. The tatts, piercings and sexual appetite of these two remind me of the characters in CW&IA. (COMPLETE)

You Own Me (BeeCute82) The world of the mafia... Edward works for Aro, Alec is Aro's son and Bella is Alec's "girl". Lots of action, lemons and excitement. Author's summary: At the roll of the dice, Edward wins what he has been dreaming of for the last two years. A night with his mob boss's son's girlfriend, sexy pole dancer Isabella Swan. What will happen in one night full of passion and lust? What dangers will follow after their one wild night? (COMPLETE)

The House of Glass (LuckyStar815) This is not "widely" read and I have no idea why. Every time I open an update I wonder "why the hell does she only have xxx reviews"? Edward's an architect, Bella's an Italian translator. They are instantly attracted to each other but Bella doesn't believe in fairytales and Edward just doesn't do relationships. Should be a match made in heaven so we'll see how their weekly arrangement works out for them. Updates once a week, there are 20 chapters total and she just posted chapter 9. COMPLETE. Another wonderful, angsty one!

Aftermath (AllorNothingKR) Sequel to Repentance. Bella and Edward continue to struggle with their past and how to raise their three children. Unfortunately, their past cannot be kept a secret from their children forever. One of the few sequels I'm really enjoying... It's like a totally different story. You could read it without having read Repentance but you need to understand that the oldest child was a product of the rape in the original story.

The Agreement (Gemgirl65) "Hooker"ward and Virginella. This is a sweet story of finding love in the most unusual places. There is a poem that Bella writes (not really sure where it originated from, maybe Gemgirl wrote it as I can't find it anywhere else) called "The Search for Me" that sums up the importance of their relationship with each other.

In Your Room (LayAtHomeMom) (After years of bedroom boredom with Missionary Mike, can Bella find the sexual salvation she's seeking in the arms of campus hottie, Edward Cullen? Rated M for Edward's dirty mouth, Bella's inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore…) Note: There is some "drama" in this near the beginning but it will be resolved quickly and then it's all "fluffy" as per the author's summary. COMPLETE

Now and Then (troublefollows1017) (Right now, she can't remember. He can't forget or let go. Then, she fell in love fast and hard. So did he. Can the heart remember what the mind has forgotten? Edward can only hope.) Edward and Bella are both in the music industry; Renee is in total control of Bella and her career. Think of "The Vow" with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. COMPLETE

Honest Liar (aWhiteBlankPage) The author does a really good job a portraying addiction in this story. Bella grew up with the white picket fence and all the happiness inside; Edward grew up across from her on the "wrong side of the street" - he had nothing. Despite all odds, they fell in love but will Edward overcome a lifetime of demons to find happiness with Bella. Now complete (5/25/14)! Wonderful, real story!

The Learned Game (eglantine16) While on a business trip in San Diego, Edward can't find a place to stay. Luckily for him, Bella has a room for rent. Inspired by the Cary Grant film "Walk, Don't Run".

Quarterback Sneak (jayhawkbb) Cute, fluff! (As a Seattle sports talk radio host, it's my job to give my opinion on the Seahawks new quarterback, Edward Cullen. But maybe I shouldn't have said what I know, about his butt.)

Fighting Destiny (tennesseelamb) Cute, fluff! (Landscape photographer Bella Swan has lived her life believing she's just not cut out for love. Enter Edward, who seems to hate her for no particular reason. Both of them are fighting something they can't control. Sometimes destiny has other plans.)

The Firm (LoveRob) Both corporate attorneys, will Edward break his "no fraternization policy" for Bella? A slow burn with some mystery as to what's going on across the globe.

You Came Too Early (Elliania) Edward and Bella married too young and for all the wrong reasons, so no one acted surprised when their marriage crumbled down. Two kids and five years later, events force them to live under the same roof for a while. Will they realise what they lost?

Between Us (Nuttyginger) (He was the same and different all in one body. The boy I had once loved had turned into a man...temptation in a tie, had swagger for days...and a curious British lilt that makes my insides tumble. Could we ever be what we were or am I just completely screwed?) Edward comes from the London office and will be working with Bella. They haven't seen each other since she left him years before... You'll have to read to know why she left and there are still things we don't know; like who the hell keeps calling him from London???

Stay (FictionFreak95) Edward and Bella were best friends when they were little. At the start of high school, Bella moved away. They reunite 20 years later. In chapter one, they're already having sex in a coat closet at Emmett's wedding... Really, how could you go wrong reading this one?

OTHER FAVORITES (No particular order):

Bring on the Wonder (Bronzehyperion) Edward is in the seminary preparing to be a priest. Bella is a prostitute. Can they help each other find the right balance and love in their life? I swore when this was complete I would pimp it out. I've followed this story diligently for over TWO YEARS. It is one of the best I've ready. I've cried, smiled and cried some more. I've even questioned my faith. This is not your usual "Priestward/Whoreward" story. I absolutely ADORE these characters and their journey together.

Sideline Collision (Nolebucgrl) DO NOT miss out on this one. Cockyward & Reed Girl plus a bonus from Rainbow. This is all humor (well almost all humor) and a must read!

Glass House (Livie79) (Edward and Bella had it all, but one night changed everything. How will they survive when it all comes crashing down? Love, lies, This is that story.) I actually waited until this story was half-way done before I would even consider starting it! Angst level is off-the-chart but it's complete now! :) Be sure you have several boxes of kleenex for this one!!!! A MUST READ!

High Fidelity (IReen H) I thought about putting this in my top 5 (like at #2); if I read High Anxiety again, I might move this one up there. Not trying to spoil anything but Bella is a breast cancer survivor from when she was 17; Edward was injured in the war. They both have demons and feel unworthy of love. This is another MUST READ! Again... have several boxes of tissues on hand!

Fall to Ruin One Day (sleepyvalentina) He wanted to be the most powerful man on earth. As far as she was concerned, he already was. Love. Longing. A decade of regret. Edward's a politician; Bella decides she can't be what he wants to she runs. Parts of this story about broke me but it is a HEA! :)

Repentance (AllorNothingKR) This story will NOT be for everyone. It's about rape and forgiveness... to the point of falling in love with, marrying and having a family WITH your attacker. If you can read it with the understanding that people truly make mistakes and not every act one does is intended to be malicious, I think you will really enjoy the story. The rape was part of a college frat initiation -- not condoning it by any means, but when you read the story you will understand that Edward probably suffers almost as much as Bella. It's easier for her to forgive him then it will be for him to ever forgive himself. A very good read and interestingly enough, although I don't usually do sequels, I'm finding I really like the sequel to this one, Aftermath.

The Parlor (jonesn353402) Inkward... This was a drabble fic and it's complete. I don't think the author's summary does it justice. Edward is a recovering addict (6 years clean) when Bella walks into his tattoo shop. There are secrets there that develop into a very beautiful love story!

The Give Away Girl (MrsSpaceCowboy) (Honor student Bella Swan has mastered the arts...of manipulating her divorced parents, rolling the perfect joint, and faking an orgasm. Who wouldn't want to keep a girl like her? An unconventional coming of age tale for Gen Xer Bella). This one will make you cry A LOT!

Inside Man (ooza) With his parole fast approaching, inmate Edward Masen is looking for a friend. College student Bella Swan stumbles across his profile on a prison pen-pal website. Their friendship is formed over written words, but will it last once he rejoins her world?

Under the Apple Tree (danieller123) The summary does NOT do this one justice. Bella is a stripper/prostitute and finds herself pregnant by one of her johns. Edward comes to her rescue. Will Bella let him save her? I will never look at an apple tree the same way again (actually, I'm not sure I've ever seen an apple tree, but when I do...) *Story pdf can be found on Purusing the Shelves: http:///fanfiction/twilight-fanfiction-13292

Just Wait (InstantKarmaGirl) Both Edward and Bella had tragic childhoods… Bella was physically & sexually abused and Edward? Well, I’m not sure Edward had anything good happen to him. His dad was a religious nut-job and his mother killed herself in the doorway of his room on Christmas Eve when he was 7 (and believe it or not, it just goes downhill from there). You can’t possibly read this and not feel pain for the characters. This story is NOT for the faint of heart.

The Blessing and the Curse (The Black Arrow) This one was intense for me. The connection between Bella and Edward runs very deep. It is now completed and has moved up in my top 10. It's very well written and the chapter about the laptop is to die for - IMO.

Poughkeepsie (Mrs.TheKing aka Debra Anastasia) “Bella is at the train station when a homeless man gets attacked. Even if the other train passengers can turn their backs on 'Crazy', the man that pretends to play piano on cardboard, Bella can't.” (Complete) Available for purchase at: http:///Poughkeepsie-ebook/dp/B006BHR94Q

A Pound of Flesh (jaxon22) Edward is in prison, Bella is his literature tutor. She’s actually his “Peaches” from 15 years prior but… she doesn’t know that. This is “bad boy” Edward at his finest. Same author as “Help Wanted” – link in recs below).

Fridays at Noon (troublefollows1017) Edward is a rude, arrogant billionaire and Bella becomes his “regular” Friday waitress. Can she break down his walls or will he break her heart? (Complete)

Deep in the Heart (amoredjenaue) Edward Masen thought he left Texas long ago. But when his family's ranch faces ruin, he returns to the only place he has ever called home. Will a big city accountant be able to help him save the ranch? Or will she help him discover something much deeper?

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan (hunterhunting) “Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Players: Through incessant stalking and persistence, can Edward wear down Bella's resistence and teach her to embrace her inner puck bunny? A ridiculous love story.” This is HYSTERICAL (along with lemons and some drama)! Bella's mind works like no other! (Complete)

Vines (FL95) Edward, the prodigal son, returns home to his family’s vineyard when his father turns ill. Bella leaves Chicago and her fiancé, Jacob, to sort through what she wants out of life. (Complete)

Pocket Change (aWhiteBlankPage) The author has a better summary than I could come up with... I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the kind that blows you away in an instant.

Work of Art (abstract way) Edward, the artist! Actually, just that fact does it for me… but, the story is about Edward the artist, caught up in the fast life that comes with fame, and Bella, the writer (but working for Carlisle in the art world). Will Bella save Edward from himself or will Jealousward drive Bella over the edge? (Complete)

Meet the Masons (FictionFreak95) Cullen thought he was done with his life as a con artist untilMarcus Volturi pulls him back in for another job. Edward meets his match when he's paired up with Marcus' new front man, Bella Swan. He needs to find a way out of the lifestyle for good but in a world that's baed on deceit, who can he trust? Lemons possible if they don’t kill each other first!

Dodge and Burn (Abstract Way) Colorful Bella and shy Edward. Will she bring out his colorful side? As with many of Abbie's characters, these are flawed. You'll learn early on, so just a bit of a spoiler here, that both of them dealt with LT illnesses of a parent. Their experience with this will impact personal choices they make throughout the story.

The Diva Diaries (KiyaRaven) Edward & Bella have chemisty on stage... they always have. Will they get over their mistakes of the past to be able to move on with the future. This is a great story... the only negative (and this is only for me) is that I'm not as fond of stories where half of it is set in the past and the other half in the present.

Corporate Affairs (chocaholic123) Another one with not as many reviews as I would expect. Bella is a Management Consultant who works hard and plays harder. Edward is a Union Leader who fights for his workers' rights. She is brought in to change things at the Car Factory. He won't let her. The fight is on, attraction becomes obsession, and the lines between love and hate are blurred.

The Machine Shop (angela4148) College graduate, Bella Swan, needs a job to pay for the student loans on a useless degree. Owner of the famous Machine Shop, Edward Cullen, is looking for a waitress, but there's a lot more to their stories.

This is My Wish (ericastwilight) Bella’s son Riley has terminal cancer; Edward was a Hollywood star before his life hit a downward spiral. This is written in Riley’s and EPOV only.

A Rough Start (ItzMegan73) Edward goes from bachelor to instant father and guardian of the 5-year old son he didn’t know he had. Bella is his son’s teacher. Will she be able to help him overcome the ghosts from his past?

Evening the Score (DiamondHeart78) Edward’s a famous soccer player, Bella is a sports reporter. Fluffy, sweet story with lemons (of course).

For the Summer (camoozle) Summer love… for SEVENTEEN years! Every chapter makes me cry… sometimes because they are happy, sometimes because they are sad, and always because he’s leaving! (Complete)

Heat of a Blue Flame (107yearoldvirgin) An artist who cannot feel. A subject that fights not to. An erotic mystery about love, loss and the intense yearning to be consumed. This is not your usually artist/muse story. This one is very intense… (Complete)

Help Wanted(jaxon22) (Complete)

Frontline (MissAlex) Edward is sexy, possessive, rich and mysterious. He has secrets to hide and no one ever tells him “no”. Nurse Bella may just be the first. Lots of mystery in this one.

Hit by Destiny (ocdmess) Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfileed when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo. She is left with serious injuries, and the only thing keeping her from dying is the person who hit her. This is dark and angsty... but oh so good!

Hydraulic Level 5 (Gondolier) Now that it's complete, I should probably read it from start to finish again. It's the first fan fiction I ever started reading but it took the author a long time to complete it. It probably deserves a spot in my top 10. It's very well written -- lot's of angst and great depth to Edward's character. There were lots of surprises along the way but it does have a HEA ending.

How to Save a Life (unholy_obsession) Another story where two teenagers shouldn't have to work so hard at love. Problem after problem gets thrown in their faces and Edward tries so hard to rise to the occasion and be victorious. But will he? (Complete)

Last Tango in Forks (AwesomeSauce76) This one is very hot and sexy! Edward is the miserable artist recently widowed, Bella’s in a “hum-drum” life engaged to Jacob. When these two meet, it’s bound to shake things up! Hot, hot, hot! You’ll need a cold shower after reading about these two. (Complete)

Let’s Get Physical (Lalina) Bella’s husband dumps her because she’s fat. (Not trying to offend anyone… I’m fat, call it what you want.) She hires a personal trainer… gorgeous, fit Edward! Will he love her regardless of her size? Will Jane crash the party? Will Bella’s insecurities push Edward away… I just started this one a few days ago and it’s just so easy to relate to Bella’s character. (Complete)

Major Misconduct (m7707) Set in high school, Edward is the star hockey player that falls for the seemingly shy Bella Swan. The story itself isn’t all “happy-go-lucky” but the relationship between Edward and Bella never falters. You never go through the “New Moon” breakup. There are some great lemons in this! (And boy do I wish my first boyfriend was the Edward from this story!)

Maybe (107yearoldvirgin) Edward’s in a band (in Austin, TEXAS… “Hook ‘em Horns”) and Bella is with a music magazine sent to promote the band for the next several months. What happens when two immovable objects collide? Story pdf at: http:///fanfiction/152-twilight-fanfics/msg234778/#msg234778

Reality Minus Expectations (mjinaspen) Edward, separated from Tanya, moved to Aspen where he meets feisty, independent Bella. An instant attraction leads to a hot and spicy sexapades but when his 4-year old daughter comes to live with him, how will things change? Low on the angst, high on the lemons! (Complete) Story pdf at: http:///fanfiction/152-twilight-fanfics/msg195914/#msg195914

Sanctuary (JennyFly) http:///Fiction/?Title=4 Edward is a priest. I'm Catholic and I swear I will never look at a confessional the same way again. This story was over at Twilighted and I thought it had been abandoned but it actually just moved to A Different Forest. (Complete)

The List (LauraACullen) This is very close to making my top 10. I had forgotten what a great story this is because I don’t read too many Human/Vamp stories as I prefer AH but… This is post-Eclipse and the amount of love they have for each other is shown through “The List”. My favorite part is during her change…

The Naked Guy Upstairs (Angry Badger Girl) HUMOR... When you need a break from angst, this is the one to read! Probably similar to "Edward Wallbanger" but I started this one first so it holds the spot in my top 10. For all practical purposes, it's complete. If I had a “top 11”, this one would be #11 on my all-time favorites list. Adding the MoBS recently bumped it out of its #10 spot. (Complete) Story pdf at: http:///office/jurcRmq6/angrybadgergirl_-_the_naked_gu.html

The Red Line (WinndSinger) Edward the male stripper/prostitute. Bella hires him to 'study him' for a school project. Oh the things she learns! This one is full of angst and tons of citric sweetness! (Complete) Story pdf at: http:///fanfiction/twilight-fanfiction-13292/

The University of Edward Mason (SebastianRobichaud) h I want to marry this Edward! And the story made me want to research art & literature. Now I want to read "Dante's Inferno" - the real one, not a fan fic. (Complete) Story pdf at: http:///fanfiction/twilight-fanfiction-13292/

The Wedding Party (spanglemaker9) What happens when Bella (who is already involved in a long-term relationship) meets the man of her dreams at her best friend’s wedding? Outside of "the wedding", this one is angsty... I'm not sure what I need more when reading it - tissues or a dart board!

Through the Flames (SparklingTwilight) Firefighter Edward is used to being the independent one. What happens when tragedy strikes while he is called to a fire at Bella’s apartment? Will Bella teach him it’s okay to lean on someone sometimes? (Complete)

Ultio(mac214 & 22Blue) I had to throw this one on here. Vamp/Human, very dark and angsty. There is nothing fluffy or happy about this one but it’s well worth the read. (Complete)

Like I said... I'm OBSESSED! If I'm missing something really good, by all means - tell me what it is!

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