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I'm not much of a writer, but I try. One day I might even have something I'm comfortable posting. My strengths are in world building and techno-babel but I struggle with character writing.

If you ever want someone to bounce idea's off of or help working out the mechanics of a crossover with I'm more than willing to help!!

The following are some challenges I've come across over the years that I decided to share and can't bring myself to delete.

NHunter: A New 'Path':

Naruto with female whose body was used for Pein's new animal realm (summoner): she's kinda cute, you know! You can give her any name you like;
Actual plot and 10 000 words for the story;
Strong (but not godlike) human Naruto with no bloodlines;
T or M rated story. May or may not contain lemons.

Challenger: Naruto's Kage Bride

If you read the manga you know how the Mei Terumi(the Fifth Mizukage) mistakes words for words that are something about marriage & gets mad about it. Well want if that reason was because she had been engaged to be married, but it had been called off? What if she was engaged to the Fourth Hokage's son, Naruto? But is ruined when the Kyuubi attacks & her fiance was 'killed'. So when she decided to come for Chunin Exams she finds out her late fiance isn't dead after all(She finds out by just seeing him & hearing his last name, if you are thinking that shouldn't be enough for her to figure it out, then your an idiot because Naruto is the prefect copy of his father, also Uzumaki is last name(hey she should know her future in-laws names are), & also she is flipping Kage(one of youngest to be made Kage, 1st place going to Gaara than it is her or Minato getting 2nd) so putting simple puzzle like that would be like pasting Genin exams for her). Naruto does get trained by her a bit before the exams start & the rest after being train to summon toads by Jiraiya unless she offers a better summon for her future husband & father of her children. Finally, the pairing choices are NarutoxMei or NarutoxHarem to Massive Harem

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