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okay, since i'm in the middle of a full-scale boredom attack, i thought i'd edit my profile. I'm 19I can't believe it but i've been on for over a year, woohoo, and I am a devoted Kietro writer...one of the only few on the site, i think. sniff.

1) I live in northern California, and go to college in Pittsburgh ( i know, i'm just now coming to grips with the crappy weather.)
2) I seem to switch between my love for Wolverine and my love/lust for Gambit teeheee, whoah, that was wierd laughter. Right now, I'm on full Gambit-obsession mode, can u blame me? The Ragin' Cajun has it all! Looks, the accent, awesome power, agility, and style (come on, a trench-coat AND a bow staff...it doesn't get any cooler than that.)
3) I have an unnatural addiction to Starbucks Chocolate Frappucinos...my parents don't like the fact that i drink it so i have to sneakily beg friends to bring me it. Isn't it a sad world when parents' don't understand your obsessions?
4) Other obsession: Love/hate relationships. I'm utterly drawn to them...don't know if that's exactly healthy. Neway, so long as it's in the fanfic universe, most of you will realize why i like kietro and romy so much.
5) When I'm not reading fanfic stories until 2 a.m. or some other ungodly hour, i'm watching movies or reading. Mostly watching movies. You name it, I've seen it. (cough), guess i shouldn't really be proud of that fact. Okay i'm a nerd, i confess!
6) Appearence: Why am i including this, i have no idea... 5'6, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and dying to get atleast some muscles. After my brother made me watch the Rocky movies, I'm suddenly very inspired. hehe.
7) These are all things all my obsessions up till now:
8th grade: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (great show...sniff...and then they killed it)
9th-10th: Backstreet Boys (oh my dark and shameful secret. Give me a break, though I was 14!)
11th: Hrithik Roshan (very hot indian actor)
12th: Hugh Jackman (he renewed my love for X-men)
Freshman year in College: Ahem...fanfiction.net and Smallville
Sophomore year: X-men evolution (Damn you Fox for cancelling it!)...and General Hospital (don't mock me for loving this soap it has a really hot guy in it).

Couple pairings i support: kietro (obviously:)),remy/rogue, inuyasha/kagome, sesshamaru/kagome, chloe/lex (smallville), and basically any sort of love/hate relationship.
Hottest guys: I don't even know why I'm putting this up...god, i guess i must really be bored. lol, anyways: Steve Burton (he plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital),Stuart Townsend,Dean Cain, Hugh Jackman, Gambit (yes i love a cartoon character, yes dammit i know it's sad!), Pietro...(same deal), Thomas Ian Griffith (for those who don't know who this is, watch Karate Kid Part 3 (he's the really hot dark-haired villain), and i think that's it.

I LOVE reviews, so the more you review the more i'll love you...that came out wrong...okay later!

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