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Since you are all so fascinated about my magnificent self, here are some things you're gonna want to know ;)

edits made on July 01 2019

Number 1: If you made a face when I introduced myself as "My Magnificent Self", you should know that I am not that full of myself nor am I nearly cool enough to have such a title. But, you can let me dream, right?

edit: gross wut kind of an intro

Number 2: I am a girl. But that's just common knowledge. I'm pretty sure you all know that I'm a girl by my name.

Number 3: I will tell you that I am 15 years old, but I like to think I'm rather mature for my age... Okay, who am I kidding?

edit: ewwww wtf why was i so cringy lmaooooo this is my first time logging on in yearss bbys im 20 now

Number 4: I am highly displeased with my height. In fact, I would consider myself "vertically challenged", if you would believe it.

edit: omg its not that serious

Number 5: My favorite book series so far is The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Seriously, if you haven't read them, you should.

Number 6: When I go back to school next year, I'm not going to have any friends. I know this because, either my friends are going to our "home-school" or to a different school for a specialized program. I myself got into a specialized program for writing, in a school away from ALL of my friends, but, worry not -- I have made many new friends already!

NOTE: This has proven to be false; I have met and became friends with amazing people this year.

edit: i don't really talk to anyone from high school anymore either lol

Number 7: If you want to PM me, please do. I always respond, even if I don't know you. I think I'm a pretty friendly person, so don't be afraid to shoot me a message!

edit: hehehe awkwarddd... sorry to everyone sitting in my inbox

Number 8: I really hate it when an author writes something that gets me interested, and then they just don't update in like, FOREVER! Grr... so I'm gonna be serious for a second here: ('_') Whenever I get the sudden urge to write a fanfiction, I'll try to update ASAP, even though it may not seem like it.

NOTE: Sorry.

edit: HA

I don't really know what else to tell you guys. So, while I figure out what I'm like and who I'm gonna be (shouldn't take too long, right? I mean, I'm 15 years old and nowhere to go but up. Oh... wait... may take a while...

The statement below is true.

The statement above is false.

Which statement is correct? Think about those for a while :)

edit: oh sit i thought i was a baddie huh with all these brain teasers

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