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I am married and I have a wonderful 4y/o son and I LOVE to read. I live in a mitten and am far too old to obsess over fictional vampires. I discovered fanfic a while ago and love it. I have always wanted to write and I figured its as good a time as any. I plan on doing stories for Southern Vampire Mysteries (Team Eric, Quinn and maybe a little Sam) Twilight and Harry Potter. Those are my three favorite series. I have read all of them many times over. When I found fanfic it was like Christmas for me! I like a little smut with my romance. Not all lemony, but some good old fashioned lovin' is always an added treat.

Some times I tend to talk a little out of order. I simply think faster than I speak (and trust me I speak fast) and write so I get a little jumbled. I am fairly sarcastic and think I'm funny, though most people just think I'm weird.

I am a Draco/Hermione fan, but I may do other pairings.

As far as Sookie goes. I am as lost as she is. Can the next book come any faster? I see reasons for her to be with all of her men, not at once though.

I don't have a beta so you'll have to excuse my errors. I seriously read a chapter at least 10 times before I post it. I have even started writing on paper (caveman, I know) so I can edit as I type.

I have an insane amount of favorites, but what can I say. Some are absolutely amazing and some aren't, but I still like them and think reading them was fun.

My favorite bands are- Muse, Hinder, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Rihana, Bush, halestorm, Britney Spears :0 and so on and so forth. You get the general idea.

1-17-2011~Ok I am now unemployed and fully intend on finishing my stories. I will work on them when I can, but my son takes up a lot of my time. Please don't be angry if I don't update often. I might redo some of A New Life, but not change the story, just make it better.

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