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I'm love to read.

I have a blog that i've recently started that recommends these stories and other's that i'm hoping people will send in. It’s recommending about 200 stories at the moment and growing everyday.


EXCITING NEWS: on my blog besides recommending fanfiction I’ve also started an author interview series. I’m really excited to be getting to know some authors more and learning more about their stories. Here’s the author’s that I’m interview at the moment (and that are published on my blog or will be soon)…

2carm2carm2, Kambria Rain, MissAlex, Lalina, A Cullen Wannabe, Subtlynice, Merina 2, MkMarie, profmom72, isakassees and ItzMegan73

Please PM me if you know of any stories that aren't on my favorites list that you think are beyond amazing, i'd love to read and recommend them.

Follow the blog and myself on twitter : http://twitter.com/TEBfanficrecs

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