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Hello there readers of Fanfiction! Here's some stuff you should know about me:

Age: 17

Name: Sean

Gender: Male

Race: White

Hobbies: Well, I've been really sheltered for almost all of my life, and I've never really been allowed to do what I want, so I don't really know what I enjoy. :/ I do read a lot, and I'm going to be writing fanfiction from now on, so I guess I enjoy those. I also play video games sometimes, and I love naps. They used to be the only way to get away from my problems, so when I get upset, I usually get really sleepy.

Sexuality: I'm gay

I've always been really insecure because of things people said or did to me. Especially when they called me fat. I never ate much, but for whatever reason, my metabolism is almost nonexistant, so I gain weight really easily. I have a lot of medical issues, so my body is kinda messed up. But I try to ignore it and just live life as best as I can. My luck recently turned up when I moved in with my Dad, so things are getting better.

So that's just a little bit about me. Any questions? Just PM me if you have some.

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