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Not usually a romance/erotic fiction reader, but Dramione writers are a creative bunch and I admire them. So I'm trying my hand at it, too.

Never thought it would be so fun to write trash, but I can see why romance novelists are so fueled and why they're constantly writing and publishing.

I love to write. Writing is my first love tied for first with reading. It makes me happy and I have to say that writing Dramione fan fiction really gets the creative juices flowing. It completely opens me up and I certainly did not expect that to happen.

I mainly like to write Dramione stories after the war takes place. It's rather hard for me to go back and think about how it was before the final battle, and I enjoy dreaming up how life ends up for the characters after such a devastating event.

I'm thinking about writing some Luna/Neville stories since very few people do. Plus, the quite ones are always the most surprising. ;-)

I appreciate when readers take the time to write reviews, but please know that I do not read reviews anymore, nor do I receive e-mails telling me a review has been written. I was receiving e-mails and reading reviews for my first two stories, but I don't consider reviews necessary, especially since what I write is just for fun. Believe me, I'm not anywhere near serious when I write these stories.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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