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A year ago I had a really bad fanfiction-adiction, but luckily I came through it. I still have a couple of stories and categories I follow, but I'm not checking FFN every day anymore and that leave me with a lot of time for writing my own original stories instead of reading others fanfics.

Since I'm from Sweden, swedish is my first language and I struggle a lot with my English. I can't find the words and I'm constantly unsure about the grammar when I write something in a review or PM or a fic, but I'm trying to learn!

About me as a person:

Older than a teenager.

Think that every person in the world should have the same possibilities in life, no matter what country you come from, who your parents are or what sex/gender you belongs to.

Believe that the only person who's worth more than any other person is the one who actually tries making the world to a better place for all of us.

About me as a FanFictioner:

Is lazy and doesn't review every chapter in a fic, even if it's the best story ever.

Never writes a review if I doesn't have anything nice to say.

Got a lot of ideas for fics, but doesn't have the energy to write them (but I can share if you want some).

When I found this page I finally found a lot of people exactly like me. I thought I was the only one making up sequels to all good books I ever read (actually, I sometimes played them with my Barbies when I was a kid), but here I am and I love it. I love the way people from all over the world meet here at FFN and share their thoughts and passion for writing and reading. I can't help but thinking how amazing it is with Internet, just a few decades ago we didn't have this oportunity.

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