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A bit about me:

Gender: Female

Age: I'm a college girl.

Me as a writer: I've been writing for a while and I love experimenting with both light and dark subject matters. Any ideas for stories are welcome. I mainly write for Glee, Criminal Minds and The Fosters.

As of 5/31/16: I am going to be be revamping my profile, cleaning up some stories, rewriting/reposting others. More details are down below.

General Disclaimer for all stories:

I own absolutely nothing, besides OCs that may come into my stories. All recognizable content,characters and situations belong to their rightful owners. I am simply expressing admiration for these fandoms in the best way I know how :)

I am also on Ao3 under the pen name MissTif. I mainly post for the fandom Rise (The NBC television show) on that account, but may or may not cross post some other works from this site on there as well and will eventually if there is ever a category for Rise on this site cross post my Rise fan fiction here as well.

Open Hearts Open Home (The O.C.) SYOC Character Submission Form






Sexuality (Closeted or No?)

Clothing Style

History (What happened up to this point)





Disability/Condition (If any)

Family (name, age, occupation/grade, CLA, relationship with)

Grade (if in school)

Occupation (If working)

Storylines (3-5)

Relationship with Sandy

Relationship with Kirsten

Relationship with Seth

Relationship with Ryan

Relationship with Sophie Rose

Relationship with Summer

Relationship with Taylor

Anything Else

Dreams Don't Turn to Dust Glee SYOC Character Submission Forms






Celebrity Lookalike (For the polyvore)



Disability (If any)

Clothing Style


History (What did your character go through up until this point?)

Family (Please include a brief description of your character’s relationship with them and portrayers if possible)




Which Glee Clubs are your character interested in? (New Directions, JV, Trouble Tones, Duly Noted) (Please include first and second choice)

Audition Song (3 choices)

Storylines (3 to 5)

Other songs you want to see (Up to 3)

Favorite Artists/Types of Music (Up to 4)

Type of person they’d be friends with

Type of person they’d consider an enemy

Type of person they’d date

Anything Else I should know?

Name Suggestion for the JV Glee Club

Theme Week Suggestion

Which Alumnae would you like to see? (up to 3)

SYOC Form for Directors




Celebrity Lookalike


Clothing Style



Teaching Style

How long has he/she been teaching?

Director of which club? (JV, Troubletones, Duly Noted)

Storylines (3-5)

What does he/she think of glee club?

What does he/she think of McKinley?

Relationship with Sam

Relationship with Will

Anything else?


A City Veiled in Shadow (Crossover Legends of Tomorrow/Flash): Major AU: The Waverider receives a distress call from Central City in the year 2036, but what they don’t realize is that this is not the Central City they knew. They must deal with the disappearance of the city’s hero, the rise of a new villain with a familiar face, and a broken family all while trying to figure out what the hell happened to change the future so drastically. (I came up with this idea while in the process of catching up on Legends. I'm fully caught up on Flash, but not on Legends and my brain began combining and morphing elements and this kernel of an idea was born. It's going to involve a lot of elements combining, changing and fusing hence the major AU tag. I hope to change it enough to avoid spoilers, but this idea will treat the Legends season one Savage storyline as canon, as for the rest, well it's going to be hard and loose on both sides. Hope you'll come with me on this wild ride.)

Glee SYOC (Glee): I've submitted to so many, and I'm currently writing a Fosters SYOC, figure I might as well try my hand at a SYOC in the fandom that started my obsession with SYOC's. This is yet untitled and only in the rough planning stages, but it should be coming at some point, provided I can come up with a title and finish creating/ perfecting the form.

A Battle For His Soul (Working Title, probably going to change at some point before posting) ( The Flash): AU: Barry Allen is the Flash. The Flash is Barry Allen. Is there any way to separate the two? They’re inseparable, two halves of the whole man until they’re not. A metahuman known as the Soul Slicer gets the best of the Scarlet Speedster and Team Flash is simply Team Barry Allen. Can Barry recover? Can the team find Flash before Zoom does? (This idea was something I came up with in a strange kind of dream, also somehow came into my head when I was binging Arrow on Netflix, so the two combined and formed this strange kind of premise. A unique way Barry could lose his speed and a bit of a character study.)

Fragile as Glass: AU Post Killer Frost: Team Flash is at a crossroads. With tensions mounting, a new speedster to train, and Alchemy still at large, there isn’t any time for secrets. But this team has their share, and with the appearance of a new and dangerous metahuman, they may not stay secrets for long as a certain future comes closer to passing. (Theory Fic with an OC) Came up with this idea after watching the episodes Shade and Killer Frost back to back as theories are formulating in my head. Will most likely be an AU but all the drama they are throwing out there between the main characters, it is ripe for a theory fic, don'tcha think?

Stories Marked For Rewrite/Replot

The reason that these stories are listed is for a number of reasons, the main ones being, most of them are either my first fics and not up to my standards or just downright not plotted properly the first go around, and could be changed/made better and I’d like to get them up to par and plan them out properly because I still like the ideas. I will keep the originals up until I get around to the substantially replotting and rewriting Listed in no particular order.

  1. Sons of Storybrooke (Once Upon a Time)

  2. Bracing For Impact (The Fosters)

  3. Compulsion (Supernatural/Glee Crossover)

  4. ObiWan’s Beginning (Star Wars)

  5. The Best of Friends (Glee)

  6. It’s Not Where You Come From (The Fosters)

  7. There and Back Again (Glee)

  8. Kurtis Twist and the Den of Thieves (Glee)
  9. Albatross (Star Wars)

Child of Albion Chronicles (Merlin) (Series)

A Knife in the Dark (Book 1): Merlin is a young boy living in Ealdor. Arthur is the brash, adventurous crowned prince of Camelot. What happens when Arthur, on a ride and on the run from his guard stumbles across the village of Ealdor, and a young boy crying over the body of his severely injured mother? What happens when this boy has a connection to the Court physician of Camelot? What happens when Arthur brings the boy back with him and the child ends up saving Arthur’s life? Child!Merlin Book 1 in Child of Albion Chronicles.

About My Fandom Writing

Glee: Oh boy, where do I start? I've pretty much tackled everything in this fandom, AUs of any scale, I've done my fair share of fantasy and other time period AUs. I do enjoy tackling canon moments as well. I include Finn in most of my stories if I can find a place for him, which I normally do.

Criminal Minds: A more recent obsession. I've watched all seasons so far. I have crossed it over with glee. Criminal minds is good for crossovers. I enjoy exploring Reid's character probably the most , but I just love the team dynamic as a whole. Getting into the dark space of an UnSub is just too fun.

Fosters: I love the fosters soo much. Oh my god. Obsessed. The family dynamics are just too good not to tackle. I've done a few more "normalish" AUs one crazy AU involving a freaky Friday scenario still in progress, and done my take on little in-between could or should have happened canon moments as well as a SYOC. I would be open to doing something a bit crazier or darker as well. I rarely ever write romantic Brallie, sorry. I just can't bring myself to unless it is set at a time where it happened in canon, season one. Even then it isn't heavy handed. I enjoy their dynamic and will often include it in stories. I just don't see them romantically involved. They are better as siblings and best friends to me.

Supernatural: I love the Winchester bros, absolutely. I've kind of eased up on this fandom a bit as of late. My netflix binge has been interrupted by real life far too much for my liking, but I currently have a glee/ supernatural crossover in progress I hope to get back to soon.

The Flash: Obsessed. I absolutely love all of the DC shows, but Flash was my first introduction, and has been my favorite DC hero since I was a child. I don't follow the comics or anything. I mainly follow the television series on CW. but I've loved Barry Allen as a hero since Justice League, and the CW show is just as fantastic. I write both AU and canon.

Currently Working on

The Eye of the Storm (Glee)

All That Glitters: A Reverse Cinderella Story (Glee)

With Arms Wide Open SYOC (Fosters)

Remembering Us (Fosters)

You Are Loved, You Are Heard (Fosters)

Oneshot Collections

Love Makes a Family (Fosters)

With Arms Wide Open Oneshots (Fosters)

On Hold

Take My Hand (Glee)

A Place for Us (The Fosters)

All That Glitters: A Reverse Cinderella Story (Glee)

The Silence They Keep (Glee/Criminal Minds)

Safe Haven (Fosters)

The Princess and the Nightmare Chaser (Once Upon a Time)

Lost Boy (Once Upon a Time)

Through My Eyes (Fosters)


Broken Bonds (Chronicles of Narnia)

Albatross (Star Wars)

Story Summaries

Panic (The Fosters)

AU: Stef and Lena are away on their honeymoon leaving the kids home alone, at the insistence of Brandon and Callie. When a stranger from Callie’s past shows up on their doorstep, what starts out as a harmless surprise reunion soon turns dangerous. With Stef and Lena away, can the kids survive it? Can Stef and Lena return to their family and return their family to them?

A Knife in the Dark (Merlin)

Major AU: Merlin is a young boy living in Ealdor. Arthur is the brash, adventurous crowned prince of Camelot. What happens when Arthur, on a ride and on the run from his guard stumbles across the village of Ealdor, and a young boy crying over the body of his mother? What happens when this boy has a connection to the Court physician of Camelot? What happens when Arthur brings the boy back with him and the child ends up saving Arthur’s life? Child!Merlin

You Are Loved, You Are Heard

AU: Callie Jacob has refused to speak, understood by no one but her younger brother, since an incident at the age of thirteen drove her voice from her. AJ is the newly adopted son of Mike Foster with a troubled past. When Mike's ex wife Stef takes in the broken girl and her brother, AJ is inexplicably drawn to her, and into the chaos that is the Adams-Foster clan. Will AJ be able to help Callie, and maybe find a place in the family in the process? Callie/AJ

Safe Haven

AU ( A Fosters future fic): When unexpected news reaches one of their own, it causes Stef and Lena to reflect on what it means to be a parent and their relationships with their own children. Part of my new Safe Haven verse.

The Safe Haven Verse (Fosters)

I got the idea for this verse when I was thinking about what the show could explore now that Callie is adopted. It started when I was exploring character creation and came up with Michael Larkin, the son of one of Brandon's girlfriends. The verse will explore the Adams-Foster clan slightly older and what could happen to each of them. My story "Safe Haven" which focuses heavily on Brandon, the moms and my OC Michael around the time of Jude's high school graduation is the first one I am writing, but depending on how this goes, I will probably explore other points in the timeline post 3a and other characters.

Sons of Storybrooke (Once Upon a Time)

A/U: It has been seven years since the Dark Swan emerged. The survivors found themselves relocated to the Enchanted Forest where a small band of rebels fight against her reign. Snow White and Prince Charming are nowhere to be found, long presumed dead. Eight year old Neal spends his days running, fighting and hiding in the shadows along with Henry Mills, Regina, Belle and Mr. Gold. After a rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, Henry finds himself imprisoned, and Neal finds himself alone. Can two strangers help Neal find what it means to be a hero, and maybe, just maybe help save the Swan from her own darkening heart. (Includes Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Snowing, Swanfire and Rumbelle)

Neverland (Glee)

Finn Hudson is a defense attorney living in New York with his wife Rachel, his twelve year old son Bryan his stepbrother Kurt and his stepsister Marley Rose. When Bryan befriends Ryder Lynn, a man with the mind of a child, this family's quiet life is turned upside down as he is accused of a crime and Finn takes on his case. Includes Finchel, some Ryley, and Fyder.

A Place For Us (Fosters)

Callie and Jude have always been there for each other, a matched set, but what if they weren't? What if Callie and Jude were separated in the system all those years ago? Callie was placed with the Fosters at age twelve, but Jude had a harder time and meets the Fosters in a very different set of circumstances at age thirteen. How will the siblings reconnect? Could a family friend help Jude open up? Eventual Jonnor. NO BRALLIE

Remembering Us (Fosters)

AU: The confrontation with Vico at the end of season one ended very differently with Brandon suffering a major head injury that results in amnesia. He wakes up unable to remember anything after Stef and Mike's divorce. Will the family be able to get through it and help Brandon remember? NOT A BRALLIE, family focused.

Fandom Breakdown


Favorite Characters: Quinn, Rachel, Finn, Ryder, Kurt, Mercedes, Sam, Rory, Marley, Jake, Kitty, Artie, Blaine, Tina (I could go on and on)

Characters it took me a while to like: Santana, Unique, Jesse St. James

Favorite Pairings of all time: Finchel, Klaine, Ryley, Samchel

Criminal Minds

Favorite Characters: Spencer Reid, Rossi, Hotch, Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Kate Callahan, Garcia (I could go on)

Characters it took me a while to like: Alex Blake, Rossi

Favorite Pairings of all time: Reidiss, Kate/Chris, JJ/Will, Morcia, Reid/OC

Favorite UnSub: Jeremy Sayer (6x5)


Favorite Characters: Callie, Jude, Connor, Brandon, Mariana, Jesus, Stef, Lena, Mike (I think I'm going to list everyone so I'll stop now)

Character it took me a while to like: Mariana

Favorite Pairings of all time: Jonnor, Callie/AJ, Callie/Wyatt, Mariana/Mat, Brandon/OC, Brandon/Lou, Jesus/Emma

Favorite Sibling Dynamics: Brandon/Callie, Callie/Jude, Brandon/Jude, Mariana/Callie, Jesus/Brandon, Mariana/Jude

Family Dynamics I'd like to see more of: Jude/Jesus, Stef/Jude, Lena/Callie, Jesus/Callie


Favorite Characters: The Winchester bros (Obviously right?), Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Ruby, Castiel

Favorite Demons/ Bad guys so far: Meg, The Coven (From Malleus Maleficarum 3x9), The Trickster, Azazel

Characters That Annoy Me A Bit: Bela Talbot, Gordon Walker

Once Upon A Time

Favorite Characters: Emma Swan, Henry Mills, Regina, Snow White/Mary Margaret, David Nolan/ Prince Charming, Neal Cassidy/ Baelfire, Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Killian Jones/Captain Hook, Robin Hood,

Characters it Took Me a While to Like: Regina, Killian/ Captain Hook

Characters That Annoy Me a Bit: Zelena (More than a bit actually. Can a house fall on her?)

Favorite Villains: Peter Pan, Regina in Evil Queen Mode, Dark Swan (I already know Emma as the Dark One is going to be cool)

Ships: Swanfire (I know I'm in the minority), CaptainSwan, Outlaw Queen, Snowing, Rumbelle, August/Emma, Henry/OC

Favorite dynamics: Charming Family, SwanQueen (Platonic although I will read a SwanQueen romance fic or two), Baelfire/Neal and Rumplestiltskin, Henry and Charming, Henry and Gold, Emma and Snow, Emma and David, Emma and Gold, Regina and Snow, Hook and Henry

Dynamics I'd like to see more of: Henry and Hook, Gold and Emma, Regina and Snow, Henry and Charming, Charming family in general.


Favorite characters: Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, Gwen, Morgana, Mordred, Lancelot, Killgharrah

Character's it took me a while to like: Uther

Favorite Villains: Morgana, The Witchfinder, Morgause

Ships: Arwen, Mergana, Merlin/OC, Freylin, Mordred/OC, Merlin Gwen (in some cases)

Favorite Dynamics to write(non-romantic/friendship/family): Merlin/Gwen friendship, Merlin/Arthur , Mordred/Merlin , Merlin/Gaius, Morgana/Merlin, Merlin/ Kilgharrah, Merlin/Hunith, Merlin/Balinor

The Flash

Favorite characters: Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon. Caitlin Snow, Wally West, Joe West, Iris West, Julian Albert, Harrison Wells (E2), Jesse Quick Eobard Thawne/Impostor Harrison Wells, Almost everyone

Characters it took me while to like: Caitlin Snow, Iris West Julian Albert, Eobard Thawne/Impostor Harrison Wells

Characters that Annoy Me a Bit: Eddie Thawne, Patti, HR

Favorite Villains: Killer Frost, Reverb, Trickster, Roy G Bivolo, Alchemy, Eobard Thawne

Ships: WestAllen, Killervibe, Caitlin/Julian (Not sure of their ship name), Quickwest

Favorite Dynamics to Write (Non-Romantic/ Friendship Family): Flashvibe BROTP, KillerFlashVibe (Trio friendship), Barry/Joe, Iris/Joe, Wally/Joe, Wally/Barry, Wally/Iris, Harry/Jesse, Harrison/Barry, Harrison/ Cisco, Harrison/Trio

About my Flash Earth 6 Masonverse

I am a huge fan of the arrow verse shows, Flash in particular. I actually began watching the shows in this order: Flash, The first half of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and then back to Arrow to finish off season 4 and begin 5. (kinda complicated). Anyway, I just wanted to give a bit of background on what I have began to call Earth 6, more specifically the Masonverse and the differences between those stories marked Masonverse and others.

This came about in a role play when I began a forum known as Flash Fan Central with some fanfiction friends of mine, GleeJunkie007, Rachel420 and SquirrelandNight123, where we roleplay Earth 1 canon, multiverse counterparts and original characters The role play takes place in an alternate universe where on another Earth, Earth 6, a threat known as the Eradicator has began killing metahumans and has plans to wreak havoc on the multiverse as a whole. I began the Masonverse stories in an effort to develop my original character, Barry and Iris’ son on Earth 6, Mason, who is fifteen at the time he arrives on Earth 1 to enlist the help of Team Flash and by extension, Supergirl, Team Arrow and the Legends throughout the multiverse. Masonverse is my effort to fill in the intervening years, Mason’s childhood, and the evolution of his family, Earth 6’s Team Flash, and Earth 6’s heroes. As a result, stories marked Masonverse will have some noticeable differences, a few of which I will highlight here.

Wally West is a Detective for the CCPD who works under his father who is captain.

Joe West is the captain of the CCPD.

Jesse Wells works in STAR Labs in the same capacity as her father did for Earth 1’s Team Flash in the position as team mentor.

Harrison Wells (known as Sonny) works alongside Barry as a CSI for the CCPD and has no knowledge of his daughter’s affiliation with the Flash or Barry’s secret identity.

Professor Martin Stein (sometimes known as Marty) founded STAR Labs and works closely with Team Flash when he is not busy with the Legends. He and Jax are still Firestorm.

Jefferson “Jax” Jackson lost his mother to cancer and has moved around living with various relatives while his dad served in the military until an injury his father sustained when Jax was thirteen resulted in him being honorably discharged and left him reliant on prosthetics. Jax currently resides in Central City with his father working alongside Stein and the Legends as well as aiding Team Flash when necessary.

These are the Alternate Universe changes which are most relevant to my current Masonverse story, If You’re Scared of the Darkness. More will be detailed as the Masonverse grows. If you want to know more, feel free to ask. I'm happy to answer.

SuperCharged (An Origin Story) (the Flash): AU Masonverse: Middle school is complicated, never moreso than when your father is a superhero. With a new school, older kids, changing friendships and a new teacher taking a special interest in him, will Mason be able to continue to juggle his secrets or will it all blow up?

One Tree Hill

Favorite characters (Main): Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Peyton, Karen, Keith, Brooke, Mouth, Anna, Deb, Whitey

Favorite Characters (Non-Main): Jamie Lucas Scott, Jimmy Edwards, Antwon "Skills" Taylor, Andy, Derek Sommers (Peyton's brother, not psycho Derek), Bevin, Tim

Characters it took me a while to like: Brooke, Tim, Rachel, Dan

Favorite Frenemies and Antagonists:Dan Scott (Of course. He's one of the nastiest and most complex characters in the series), Rachel (Because she started out a rival but turned into a friend, awesome), Felix (Because he was entertaining but what he did was so cruel), : Psycho Derek (He scared me so he goes in:p)

Favorite Dynamics to Write (and Read) (Nonromantic): Scott Bros Brotp (Nathan and Lucas) (I'm not always fully interested in the romance plots. I have my ships, but if I'm completely honest Nathan and Lucas' relationship at any stage is what drew me into One Tree Hill in the first place and has always been the backbone for me. Without the Scott brothers, the ships wouldn't sail and the show wouldn't be what it is.), Scott Family (as a whole, any members any generation) (Similar to my feelings about Nathan and Lucas, the same can be said for the Scott family as a whole. Whether Dan's relationships with his sons, Nathan's relationship with Lucas, Lucas and Nathan's relationship to Dan, The kids' relationships with their parents, Naley's relationship, anything Scott family related is fair game for me as a writer and a fan.

Pairings: When it comes to pairings for OTH, I'm a fair weather fan. I'll read and write nearly anything as long as its not slash or incest. My OTP is Naley with Leyton coming in a close second but that doesn't mean I hate Brucas, on the contrary. I think both of Lucas' relationships with the main ladies has something to offer. I will not partake in nor accept any bashing of either Peyton or Brooke on comments on my stories regardless of pairing as my philosophy as stated above stands.

OC Stories: I will read and maybe write OC stories if the fancy strikes. I am not opposed to the idea. However it would probably be a while before I did write one personally as I like to make sure my OCs are well crafted.


Favorite Characters: Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Betty, Fred Andrews, FP

Characters it Took Me a While to Like: Cheryl Blossom

Characters I Love to Hate


Favorite Dynamics to read and write

Stories I like to Read

Stories I like to write

Tracy Beaker Returns

A few friends of mine on here talked a a lot about this show and the dumping ground and write for them. Finally found a way to start watching. Just starting series 2 of Tracy Beaker Returns and loving all of it.

Favorite Characters: Tracy, Liam, Gus, Toby, Mike, Johnny, Tee, Frank, Harry (I could go on)

Characters it took me a while to like: Sapphire, Gina, Carmen, Elektra (There are worse, but she's a little annoying)

Least Favorite Characters: Lily (I started out liking her but then she just became a bit bratty to me, I understand her reasoning but well...), Helen (Carmen's mother is the worst), Dennis (Ugh, 2 minutes into episode 1 of series 3 and how much of a jerk can he be?), Lizanne (Just ugh)

Favorite Dynamics (Platonic): Liam and Tracy, Harry and Sapphire, Johnny and Tee, Mike and Tracy, Tracy with any of the kids. TDG group at large.

Love Makes A Family ( The Fosters)

A collection of shorts, one and two shots giving glimpses into the lives of the Adams-Foster family. PM me with song lyrics, situations, an emotion, a snip of dialogue or anything else and the characters you want featured. :)

Funky Flash Tunes (The Flash)

A series of one/two sometimes three shots each based on particular songs. All characters. Taking Requests.

With Arms Wide Open: A Fosters SYOC

15 years after the show, the Adams Foster kids are raising kids of their own, and Mariana and Mat decide to open their home and begin fostering. What will happen to this new generation? Includes Mariana/Mat, Brandon/Lou, Callie/Wyatt, Jesus/Emma, Stef/Lena and Jonnor.

tiffster-1. polyvore. com/ Just remove the spaces, and click on the collection that says With Arms Wide Open.

Character Submission Form



Birth date



Sexual Orientation

Disability (If any)

Celebrity look-alike

Clothing Style


Parents ( and/or Foster Parents)

Relationship with Family

Relationship with Amber

Relationship with Danny

Type of person they would be friends with

Type of person they would date

Type of person they would consider an enemy

Storylines (3-5)


Favorite book

Favorite movie

Favorite music



Good Habits

Bad Habits


History (What did your character go through up until this point?)

Summary (2-4 sentences)

Anything else?

Author: Follow Favorite

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