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Still here and still reading Twilight fanfic after all these years. 2009 - that was the year of my epiphany. I never knew prior that the world of fanfic even existed. I read on some obscure post of the Twilight movies - of this "other" story that the posters were totally captivated by and even said it was better than the original Twilight. I got curious and did a search. That story was Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003. It was a WIP (something new to me). I began my journey in the wonderful world of Twilight fanfiction. I've never looked back. I've been a part of reading & reviewing many fic's that have gone on to be published - acquainted with their young authors - as they found their "wings." Little did she know, Stephenie Meyer changed my life.

Just so you know a little bit about my taste in reading, I'm a major angst-wimp. I've read a few stories that angst was the major genre but I soon discovered that I don't care for those types of stories. I enjoy romance stories and can endure a realistic bout of angst. Now, I know that tolerance is individualistic. What you will find here (for the most part in my favs) are stories with romance with a tolerable amount of angst with a total HEA. Isn't that what every gal wants? (lol) ;)

So many of my favorites have been removed (either P2P or without their consent), this is "how it is" on this particular website because "they" choose to manipulate the authors & their stories here. I'm an active reader - so what you will find here are stories that update or are completed. I would suggest following some of the other websites listed below. They are sites that allow an author to express their talents freely; as well as, allowing the readers to have the same freedom.


Looking for more rec's? Here are some of my favorite websites that I frequent for recommended stories.

This is a fun website and they have bi-weekly rec's. (No registration required.)

You all know about teh Lemonade Stand. right?

Google it. You'll find it.

And as to completed fic rec's, you all know about twifanfictionrec, right?

Yea, google it. It's there.

And what can I say about robattack? from word press?

Yea, the same. Rita hasn't updated for a while. *shrugs*

I'm not sure what's up with that.

What can I say about this archaic site? No links are allowed to be posted. Yea, WTH?


Censorship - why do "individuals" feel that they have the right to suppress freedom of speech?

Perhaps, they are threatened? "They" think that they have no control?

It's interesting since the freedoms that OUR loved ones have died for to SECURE our liberties in the USA - that "others" try to usurp.

Everyone has a CHOICE about what they read.

Everyone has a choice of what they write and how it will be rewarded either by reviews/sans reviews.

It's unfortunate that we live in a society that constantly wishes those with differing points-of-view to be censored. And unfortunately, this happens ALL the time. The needs of the few out weigh the MANY.

And the loudest/obnoxious voice may not be the one that should be heard.

Hope to know the difference.


Several authors have chosen to post their works on other websites due to the nanny state that exists here on ff. Here are just a few to check out:

Star's Library

Archive of our Own


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