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I'm assuming since you're reading this you want to know about me. Number one thing you need to know? I don't regret.

Fanfiction has pretty much taken me by surprise, but I'm glad. I never thought I would read it, let alone write it. It's like an alternate reality where anything can happen and if you don't like what is going on in the show, you change it yourself and show the screenwriters how it's done.

My favorite show is hands down Castle, I'm completely addicted and obsessed. Yet strangely, I'm not ashamed to admit that. Probably (such a weird word to type right?) because the show is so good. I love reading fanfics about the crime fighting duo that are right for each other in every sense of the word. I pretty much pretend that all the Ginas, Demmings, and Joshs don't exist. Or if they do, they get out of the picture very quickly but obviously spark some jealousy.

Show my stories some love by reviewing.

If you'd like feel free to message me - I love talking to others that share my obsession of Castle haha.

xxx castleelovee ]

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