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"You owe me your living,
Strew my path with furs,
That I may tread barefoot through your soul,
Carve a throne of black obsidian in your heart
That I might be seated in the midst of your desires.
I will take your gold rings, your silver chains
Your crowns, your crosses.
...Your Soul.
The pain and damnation shall consume you,
'fore I take your soul..
of course, I can offer your reprieve, for a price.
Swim with the firstborn, embrace the dark. Enter the madness."

Deep Cover: Code Name [ VALEFOR ]

I'm a terrible author, but I can think up some fun ideas.
This one was bugging me recently.

Valefor isn't a Fallen.
He doesn't worship the Endbringers.
He is a deep cover agent working for [your choice. PRT, Cauldron or Idependant Org like The Guild or make up an entire OC org]
His entire cover is hinged on using his powers to take over his enemies without them even suspecting they're enthralled.
He has also mind controlled [benevolently, with permission and protocols] agents within [Organization] such as [Piggot, Legend, Armsmaster, Narwhal, whoever] so he can break cover and flee without endangering himself.

It Happens. Some nebulous event you can choose happens [Taylor kills Alexandria, for example] and Valefor breaks cover, knowing it's time to bring order back to the world.
On his way out the door he uses his powers to attempt to destroy The Fallen and whatever poor villains get in his way.

1. The name must be "Deep Cover: Code Name [ and the name of whoever is under cover in caps ]".

2. You can choose any hero or villain or whatever, but I thought Valefor made the most sense, because of his powers.

3. Please tell me you're doing this, so I can follow along with your fic.

4. Crossover, crack fic, OCs, complete personality swaps, whatever. Have fun.

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