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Updates will NOT be held hostage for donations, but patrons do get little sneak peaks of chapters.

NEWS: 9/25/2020: Yo. I've been back for a while. Forgot to put someone on my profile. I've been doing better, taking life as I can, writing a lot, and just trying to survive day to day between Cover-19 and the general shitstorm that has been 2020 for just about everyone. Hope you all are doing well.

IRL Tragedy, Indefinite Haitus: 3/7/2020: ….My Grandma passed away today...Literally everything that could go wrong did.

Okay, confession time. I have no job. I spent my entire teenage and young adult life terrified of the idea that if I got a job, I'd come home to find out she died because I wasn't there. After she got sick a year ago, that seemed more than justified.

Why am I telling you all this? Because as of now...I'm lost. I have no idea what to do or what's going to happen. So, no more updates of anything for...a long time, obviously. If I go silent for more than half year straight, I'm probably homeless, at best.

So long for now, my friends. It's been fun while it lasted.

Improving: Things are a bit tense in the family ue to long term exposure to each other, but my grandma is back home and already getting back to her old self. Needs a walker for now to get around safely, but is fine otherwise. Doctor says she's doing surprisingly good. Money is a bit of an issue, but that because a lot of shit decided to happen at once. I've finished up a I setup a few months ago, so if anyone wants to send me any money, I'd appreciate it. I will not hold my chapters hostage. If chapters stop all together, its because of RL, not greed.

More Bad News: I have...had a rough couple of months. See, I live with and was raised by grandma, who has been in the hospital twice recently. Once around Christmas time, and now about...a week ago, maybe more? Time is blurr to me right now. She went through combo hit of pneumonia, flue, and heartattack. As of now, she's in rehab and getting better now. But, of course, some of the family tried to pull some BS that me and some others put a stop to. Oi, been an motional rollercoaster. I'll admit it, I cried. Cried more in a month than I have in about a decade. Anyway, needless to say, everything is more or less on the backburner for now. I don't plan on quitting, so you should all hear from me and my stories one day. Maybe soon, maybe not, but eventually when things are better and I've reobtained some form of inner peace again.

Apologies! To anyone reading this, wondering where the hell I've been and why I haven't updated recently, I've been going through some life issues, including two-plus years of bed bugs that might be finally ending with a follow-up chemical treatment to kill the ones that survived the heat treatment. I've also been making CYOAs on Reddit. Really fun, I have to admit. So, yes, sorry for the delays.


Fair warning, some of these are NSFW. I'd give links, but fanfic destroys all links, even with the link function. Search for these on the "Make Your Choice" reddit.

Alicorn King: MLP based CYOA where the player becomes the King of the Alicorns.

Child of the Overdeity: Tribute to fellow CYOA-Maker TroyX's old workd, which is what inspired me to make my own. A CYOA about being the child of the Overdeity of the Multiverse, granting a wide array of powers.

Catch or Release: A NSFW Fishing CYOA: CYOA I made as a challenge. Someone commented about wanting to a NSFW Fishing one, possibly as a joke, and I took it seriously.

Lords of Ters: a very fetishized barbarian world inspired by the settings of Conan the Barbarian and Gor.

Love Azathoth: One of my best works. Become an Eldritch God as the lover of the Daemon Sultan herself, Azathoth. Surprising sweet CYOA in nature.

Mystic Supercontential Orgy: Inspired directly from Magic Space Orgy, this deals with you and the rest of humanity getting perks from the personifications of the Continents of today and the ancient Supercontinents.

Peace of Life: CYOA I made in honor of the KyoAni Arson, and all the victims of it.

Pleasant Hauntings: Helpful Paintings: CYOA I made based on a request. Pick one painting, which helps you in strange ways, each with some down sides to live with. First CYOA I made after my 2020 Hiatus.

Prodiger: A Reverse Christmas Carol: Reverse Scrooge Christmas CYOA, where the Spirit of Gratitude gives you more than a few gifts for all the good you do.

Sex Machine: Another Request CYOA, customizing a machine whose function is fairly obvious.

Submersible Super Squirrels: Another Request CYOA, where you lead a band of intelligent squirrels making a submarine in a fantasy world.

Post-Victory:The Hero's Reward: A CYOA about reaping the rewards after saving the fantasy world from a Dark Lord

Twi'lek Slave: Very bluntly, make and customize your own Twi'lek Slave

Willing Victim: A very kinky CYOA about having a "hostage" that is all too accommodating to you, her "captor"


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Somehow, of all my fics, Zim the Warlord got its own TV Trope Page!

Started an original story on my pat-reon, "Among the Amazons," depicting the journey of a man named Kazimir as a slave of the Amazon Empire. First Chapter is free for all to view

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