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My name is Stephanie. I love to write and I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, Leverage, The Hobbit, Hawaii Five-0, and the Avengers. I love delving into and experimenting with characters and their relationships with other characters. I have always loved writing and it's my way of relaxing and doing my own thing. I love getting reviews from my readers and encourage constructive criticism because it'll only make me better. I also love getting input from my fans/readers; bouncing ideas off each other helps me plan stories and scenarios. I've just begun taking requests for writing prompts in the above categories from my readers so am willing to take on more. Thanks so much to everyone who has been supporting me throughout all of these years and helping me become the writer I am today!

So, one of my readers and followers made some posters for my stories and I wanted to post them here because they look really cool. Thanks Jessfairy88!

Bring it on Home: http:///view.php?pic=nvcol3&s=6 and http:///view.php?pic=280prf6&s=6

Conflict of Interest: http:///view.php?pic=149teli&s=6

Dust in the Wind: http:///view.php?pic=30u7qlj&s=6

Over the Hills and Far Away: http:///view.php?pic=34yxt9f&s=6

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