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What to say, what to say...

Fanfic has helped me escape the day to day hassles of wife, mother and full-time employee.

Mom of 3 in my dirty 30's as hubs likes to say - he totally supports my fic addiction because he benefits in the end. He is my Edward ... in the dark and after I have had a few drinks.

Will read just about anything as long as it’s well written. To be read list is enormous.

Have read some fic that I like better than the Twilight books (I know - BLASPHIMOUS)

Mostly E&B shipper. Love angst with a HEA. Love it when a story sticks with you for days.

Addicted to Slash…E&J are my favorite pairing, but who am I kidding, I’m a slash h00r and will read just about any pairing.

Embarrassing obsession with everything Robert Pattinson – he IS Edward in every fic I read.

You can find me on twitter if you are inclined to chat: @sildoc

Motto: when all else fails, play dead.

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