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Things I hate in fanfiction

* Naruto being punished or not rewarded bringing Sasuke back: Sasuke is a vital ressource for the village and Naruto brought it back to the village, so Naruto should get a prrrrromotion (channeling Dr. Robotnik) and not a kick in the pingas (channeling Dr. Robotnik again) like always.

* The ANBU not guarding Naruto from physical abuse: Stress could let the deadliest of the tailed beasts loose on Konoha, for fuck's sake! They'd watch out, that nobody harms even one hair on his head, but probably couldn't prevent being hated.

* Mary Sue

* bad writing

* bad spelling/grammar

* bashing/deifing

* Too fast power-ups

* Harry, Hermione, the Weasleys or others similar characters becoming pureblood supremacist racists

* Authors begging for reviews: If an author only will write, if they get n reviews, then they shouldn't write AT ALL!

* The author being tot thin-skinned: If you're getting your panties in a bunch because of trolls and pull stories, then the trolls have won!

* The Malfoys not caring about family: Their only redeeming character trait in canon.

* “Don't like it, don't read it”-statements: These kinda statements in fanfic story descriptions and author's notes indicate the author's inability to deal with criticism. An author shouldn't tell anyone not to read their stories, but warn them about what they see as controversial content and leave the choice to the reader (Something like “This story contains *stuff insert here*. You have been warned, proceed at your own peril, and please give *constructive* criticism”).

* About goblins in Harry Potter and JKR's purported antisemitism: It's OFC all a moral panic, but even so, the goblins are AWESOME! They're powerful warriors who fought the wizarding world to a standstill multiple times without wands, are great metalsmiths and hold the wizards by their wallets!

Plot bunnies:

- Victoria van Gale kills the Fairy Entity using some kinda magitek, becomes the empress of the Fairy Realm and allows for free travel between realms. She also restores the memories of the knife-ears fairies.
- To get back at Snape for bullying him, Harry taunts and/or emotionally blackmails him by saying something along the lines of “What would Lilly think of how you treat me”, “No wonder she chose the school bully jock over you”, “Ha ha, I'm still Harry Potter and not Harry Snape!!”, etc. He could even adopt Lily's mannerisms (e.g. “accidentally” call Snape “Sev”).

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