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613House Pet » by NinaBinaBallerina After a dark curse, the wizarding world is left barren. Facing extinction, the Purebloods subjugate the muggles, searching for the rare muggleborns—the only witches able to reproduce. From the moment Draco saw Hermione, he knew two things: she belonged to him, and he'd destroy anyone who tried to take her. (Inspired by the Prince of Egypt)
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 47, words: 317k+, favs: 551, follows: 851, updated: 3/22 published: 4/19/2022, Hermione G., Draco M., Theodore N., OC
5k+Vader's Angel » by wertman25 In an Alternate Universe, Sidious found Anakin at the age of seven and raised him to be the ruthless Sith Lord, Darth Vader. He knows nothing of love, only hate and anger. So what happens when Padmé starts to show curiosity for the Sith Lord? (Seriously, M for later chapters) Re-uploading is taking place in earlier chapters.
Star Wars, M, English, Romance, chapters: 46, words: 409k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 1/10 published: 8/9/2014, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala
502Through Bonds Immortal (new ch - 11-05-23) » by Angel of Mystery-145 19th century – Sworn enemies by blood through the ages, only through their love can they survive. To love him is to invite danger, to love her is to welcome his death… E/C, AU – a dark vampire romance tale involving the characters of PotO
Phantom of the Opera, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 37, words: 209k+, favs: 158, follows: 197, updated: 11/4/2023 published: 10/28/2016, Erik, Christine, Raoul, Meg Giry
149Need You Now » by jennaisperfect She's his. He's waited 68 years for her, and now that she's here, he can't wait to have her.
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 10, words: 44k+, favs: 418, follows: 655, updated: 9/30/2023 published: 7/24/2019, [Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.] Draco M.
866 The Education of a Lady » by thewanderers'wanderingdaughter COMPLETE. Fourth and final (for real this time) part in the His Little Bird series. The story of survival, betrayal, and tragedy. A monster took everything from her. Now she's expected to be a willing participant in the world he's built for them. They want her to become one of them. She only wants vengeance, and now that she has her power back, she can make that a reality.
Harry Potter, M, English, Drama & Horror, chapters: 34, words: 365k+, favs: 568, follows: 747, updated: 7/31/2023 published: 1/16/2017, Hermione G., Draco M.
1k+Broken Hearts on Canvas » by ImmortalObsession When a terrible turn of events lands Hermione Granger in an orphanage, nothing could possibly get worse. Or at least, nothing could get worse until Hermione meets Tom Riddle, the sulky handsome boy who likes to draw and thinks she's his newest toy...
Harry Potter, M, English, Tragedy & Romance, chapters: 12, words: 48k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 3/28/2023 published: 5/25/2013, Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.
134Prisms of Darkness » by Serpent In Red Reviewed with "gross Hermione needs to wake up and kill him"! Curious about why? Click in and find out!
Harry Potter, M, English, Drama & Angst, chapters: 12, words: 36k+, favs: 304, follows: 406, updated: 1/26/2023 published: 6/17/2015, [Hermione G., Voldemort, Tom R. Jr.]
628Obsessed » by MalfoysMuggleMrs Hermione Granger's life becomes plagued by a violent stalker. Per request of the Ministry, Britain's brightest war heroine seeks refuge inside the one location where she's entirely untouchable.
Harry Potter, M, English, Suspense & Romance, chapters: 21, words: 96k+, favs: 854, follows: 1k+, updated: 9/7/2022 published: 2/14/2017, [Hermione G., Draco M.] Astoria G., Daphne G.
764The Task » by ImmortalObsession Two years ago, Dumbledore gave Hermione a mission, and the time has finally come for her to complete it. Leaving the War behind, she goes back to 1943 to tamper with the timeline and save the future. However, a certain teenage Dark Lord keeps interfering with her plans, and he's not the Dark Lord she was sent to destroy - or fall for. LEMONS!
Harry Potter, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 31, words: 179k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 8/26/2022 published: 11/24/2012, Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.
39Dimmuborgir » by NoFootprintsInSand He steps straight out of the shadows one late autumn evening, but she is not afraid. At least not at first. (Alternate universe. Very AU)
Harry Potter, M, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 16, words: 85k+, favs: 57, follows: 79, updated: 8/22/2022 published: 1/1/2021, Hermione G., Voldemort, Tom R. Jr.
6The Captain's Bride » by Chiffanyforever Christine Daaé vaguely remembered the boy that had worked in the stables. The boy that had been in love with her. But she'd been too innocent at the time, too judgemental. She'd wanted nothing to do with him. Why would she have? As a princess, she'd had much better prospects. That had been years ago. Now she regretted treating him the way she did. ( Full Summary within)
Phantom of the Opera, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 16, follows: 12, updated: 7/19/2022 published: 4/16/2022, [Erik, Christine] [Meg Giry, Persian/Daroga]
183Twist and Collide » by BrendaBites Hermione Granger was the one who helped Harry Potter put Tom Riddle behind bars, Tom knew that. He wasn't fond of his new 'home' but he was quickly besotted with Hermione. Muggle AU. Inspired by Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs.
Harry Potter, M, English, chapters: 11, words: 23k+, favs: 296, follows: 366, updated: 6/20/2022 published: 2/23/2015, Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.
129Of the Cloth, Of the Heart » by RunningInAir AU/Dramione. Draco Malfoy has spent his entire life in training for Priesthood - celibacy, piety, prayers - the whole deal. What he doesn't expect is for a random girl from the local University to visit the Church, bringing with her a life and vibrancy he has never known. Torn between the holy path he has been groomed to tread and the freedoms this girl shows - what will he choose?
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 12, words: 31k+, favs: 103, follows: 233, updated: 5/20/2022 published: 12/13/2013, Hermione G., Remus L., Draco M., Theodore N.
898 Receiver of Many » by Kata Chthonia The story of Hades and Persephone... "Who are you?" "This is your dream, remember? Tell me who I am..." he said, absently coiling a tendril of her long hair around a finger. She narrowed her eyes at him. "If this is my dream, oneiroi, then answer my question. Who are you?" The voice of a natural ruler, he thought. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I am your lord husband."
Greek Mythology, M, English, Romance & Fantasy, chapters: 12, words: 35k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 871, updated: 3/22/2022 published: 12/13/2012, [Hades, Persephone]
1k+Undisclosed Desires » by Kittenshift17 Antonin Dolohov had never loathed anyone so much in all his life. He'd certainly never wanted someone this much. He'd done terrible things, but kidnapping and blackmailing his favourite mudblood into shagging him was low, even for him. Too bad he can think of no other way to share his undisclosed desires.
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 12, words: 54k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 2/4/2022 published: 10/18/2017, [Antonin D., Hermione G.]
98When Bravery Abandons Ship » by Once Upon A Time I Died She hates him, fears him, might love him. He loves her, can't understand her, might hate her. He's sorry and it's painful and it's them, all them. Tomione.
Harry Potter, T, English, Romance, chapters: 21, words: 43k+, favs: 145, follows: 189, updated: 1/16/2022 published: 9/19/2016, Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.
87Minister Riddle Will See You Now » by Mudblood88 After conducting an interview of the Minister of Magic, Head Girl Hermione Granger catches the attention of Tom Riddle. As she struggles to graduate and create a career for herself, Minister Riddle shamelessly pursues her. Who can resist the charms of the dark, handsome young Minister? His commanding personality and dominance are a new and heady experience. *Inspired by 50 Shades*
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance, chapters: 15, words: 115k+, favs: 248, follows: 386, updated: 11/1/2021 published: 5/6/2021, [Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.]
368 A Noble Temptation » by sycadelex Hermione Granger, the daughter of a wealthy but unknown industrialist, is keen on finding an aristocratic husband to elevate her parent's reputation in London's high society. But it seems her headstrong and stubborn persona does nothing but scare off proper noble gentlemen. Except for the cold and arrogant Duke, Draco Malfoy. Victorian AU. Based on Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series.
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 19, words: 73k+, favs: 407, follows: 476, updated: 10/25/2021 published: 5/21/2020, Hermione G., Draco M.
13Happily Ever Malfoy » by sfndhi Hermione makes a wish to skip to her "happily ever after" while being tortured in Malfoy Manor. She wakes up seven years later lying next to... Draco Malfoy?
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 6, words: 11k+, favs: 6, follows: 35, updated: 8/15/2021 published: 5/24/2020
Wizard of the Slopes » by elisabethriddle She owns a flower shop. He owns a ski lodge. Together, they run a YouTube channel but neither knows the other is an assassin. What happens when Voldemort decides to throw a ball and all of the guests are trapped by an avalanche? Full summary inside.
Harry Potter, M, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 2, words: 5k+, favs: 7, follows: 12, updated: 8/9/2021 published: 8/8/2021, [Hermione G., Tom R. Jr.]
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