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I am most certainly not an author--just an avid reader. (Unless you count lewd poetry as proper fiction.)

I generally prefer the classics and am known to scoff at "fluff", but I admit that I do enjoy the occasional sappy fanfiction.

I do not simply read anything. I try desperately to ignore poorly written/edited items. If there is a blatant error in the first paragraph, you might lose me.

I do not mind graphic lemons as long as the story around them is thought provoking and well-written. If it makes me laugh as well, all the better.

This is a very basic and unassuming profile, I know, but then so am I.

I do not fit the beta profile for FanFiction because I have no published works, but I am a beta for several authors and have been a transit beta for ProjectTeamBeta since October of 2009. They are a wonderful and helpful resource for anyone wishing to improve their technique - .

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