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Things you might like to know about me:

- I focus on writing fictional pieces, mostly on Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail.
- I ship NaLu, RoyxRiza, EdxOC, and recently, thanks to xIcyChanx's work, I've fell in love with RoyxFem!Ed. I have also expanded out into to RoyXEd (M/M) Ship.
- I absolutely hate EdxWinry and NaLi.
- I listen to soundtracks while writing. Currently i cycle through Nightcore music.
- I've been writing stories since the age of 15, with most of them posted on Quizilla, but since the site died out, I restarted here.
- I like to sketch, mostly anime, and almost always keep it black and white.
- I am currently not watching any anime, as work is consuming most of my time. I do hope to get back to watching some anime once things have settled down.
- Due to some health issues, I have been unable to write any stories. Sitting for long periods of time causes me great pain. My current goal is to improve my PC setup to include a propper desk and chair instead of my current setup (a 14year old desk and a second-hand sofa that has no support or cussioning left). I'm hoping once that is done, i will be much more active, both on here and on Tumblr.

Find me on Deviant and Tumblr


Basic outlines for a Roy x Ed story is in the works. The first chapter should be available before the end of the month

I am considering reposting my EdxOC Story - Moving Forward.

I am also in the process of a sequel for Through the Pain, which should be up soon.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat, or if you have any questions.

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