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'ello there! Since Chocolate Ribbons is a bit of a mouthful, feel free to call me whatever you like. Choco, Ribbons, CR--anything's fine. ^^

First off, I'm probably never gonna publish a story in my life, so don't get your hopes up.

What hopes?

Shut up. Anyhoo, I just hope to make whatever small contributions I can to the fandoms, be it writing up a review, beta-ing a story, or simply favoriting a fic. If there's a story you'd like me to look over, feel free to PM me.

Things I Like: Ice cream, my friends, anime and manga, fanfiction, and cats. Sunny days, books, the Internet, and people or things that make me laugh.

Things I Dislike: Hypocrites, my laziness, snobs, my forgetfulness, homework, bugs, my ranting, and my not making sense. Bad grammar, Mary Sues.

Hobbies: Reading, sleeping (Yes, that's a hobby. u_u), daydreaming, singing (even though I suck), and photography.

I'm learning Japanese! :D By now you're probably thinking that I'm a complete otaku. Okay, you may be right, but I thought it was an interesting language. It would also help big time while watching anime and yet-to-be-translated manga or strips, but that was NOT what I had in mind when I decided to learn it. It wasn't! *panic*

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