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Posted chapter 15!

((As always...A big thanks to my readers, you guys make my day, everyday!!))

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Rewrite:Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart (Kingdom Hearts 2) -- After the mysterious dissapearance of her best friend, Reina joins three strangers on a journey to find him, the secrets of her past, her old friends and ultimately, herself. But she's going to need more than her eyes to find them all...

story point of view: Third

rating: T

genre: Drama, Romance, and Adventure. Some fluff, too.

intended pairing: ?

chapters: 14 out of ??

status: In Progress. (1st on priority list)

Breaking Through The Mask (Vocaloid fanfic)-- Kagamine Len knew something was wrong with his childhood friend (and crush!) Hatsune Miku. But what he didn’t know was that Miku’s outer mask was hiding a deep, dark secret. Will Len find out? Or will Miku’s secret remain to torture her forever? AU.

story point of view: third

rating: T ( for abuse and some language)

genre: mini-series(?), fluff, drama, romance, and some hurt/comfort...mostly fluff and drama though

pairing: Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len

chapters: 3 out of ??

status: In Progress (2nd on priority list)

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart [v.1] (Kingdom Hearts) -- What would you do to find some one you love? The same question dawn on 15-year old Reina loses her love mysteriously and she has no choice but to go with three strangers on a quest to find him. But sometimes, you need more then your eyes to find something, especially in the case of love...

story point of view: second (you this, you that)

rating: T (for some graphic-ness and teen-situations...if you think it should be some other rating, please let me know)

genre: drama, romance, adventure and some sad stuff into it. Also, beware of some some sappy, fluffy stuff.

intended pairing: Roxas x Reina (for now...)

chapters: 19 out of ?? (this isn't counting the disclaimer)

status: Discontinued [rewriting]

Kingdom Hearts and All its characters copyright Square Enix and Disney.

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart and Breaking Through The Mask stories copyrighted by dont steal.

Kingdom Hearts characters belong to Disney and Square Enix, except for Reina. Vocaloid characters belong to their respective owners

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