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I wonder to myself why anyone would bother reading my profile. I am really an uninteresting person. I'm not even ordinary, as ordinary people have lives to live. I would much rather spend countless hours reading fanfic stories. Alas I have no stories of my own. There are some story ideas rolling around in my head, sometimes I dream them, but I can either not recall them vividly or I am not able to give them proper justice as a story of my own. I promise I will post one, I just don't know when. As some of you might be able to tell, I'm a terrible writer. Thus the slow start. I'm more of a reader.

Right now I am currently in love with ROMY. (Hence the name ALLREMS- you know- "All about Remy") But if you write a story about ha ha funny crazy Pyro I will read it :D The Twilight saga also interests me but I hate that there seems to be way to many stories where they're human. I mean like come on - really?- They're vampires that's why anyone who's read Stephanie's books loves the characters. Anyway I don't claim to be an expert at either the X-Men, X-Men Evolution, or Twilight reviews I give. My reviews are simply my own opinion. If I say it don't make sense then it don't make sense, to me. Most of the time I wont even bother writing a bad review as either I lose interest in the story and stop or I kick myself for spending soo much time reading something that I was hoping would get better but did not. Well if you're still reading this you should take a look at my favorite stories; I suggest you read some. You'll be glad you did.

If you got a review from me- then you're good (:

I only leave reviews when I'm really feeling the fic. So keep up the good work. Sometimes I finish chapter 24 before writing a review because I don't want to think about writing I just want to read. Yeah it's probably that good.

I hate to end the profile in a bad note but if you start a story please finish it! I hate reading numerous chapters to be left hooked and hanging. Tsk tsk shame on you, if you're one of those people, if you're not kudos to you.

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