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Interested fandoms in no particular order (focus):

Scorpion (Quintis)
Law and Order: SVU (EO)
Harry Potter (Tonks/Lupin)
Markiplier (Darkiplier)
Warehouse 13 (Claudia/Steve friendship)
Roswell (Maria/Michael)
Charmed (Piper/Leo)
Critical Role (Pike, Pikelan)
Blindspot (Patterson)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Rebecca/Greg)
Newsroom (McHale/McAvoy)

Let me know if you want to fangirl over something!

I am fully aware I'm not the best writer on this site. There are plenty of other writers that I admire and adore. I'm just here for the fun of doing my best! xD


1. At the moment, my incomplete SVU stories are ON HOLD. College studies, college life, and miscellaneous things take up much of my wanted leisure time.

2. However, I have inspiration for a Scorpion story. I'm in the process of writing a Happy-centric story and will probably take a while -- just letting ya know...also myself so I don't forget.

3. I've decided to do a drastic rewrite on my Charmed story, The Unknown Daughter. The easy part is that I already know the story. The hard part is rewriting my awful writing of early adolescence. It's coming along. (Edit: I'm struggling.)

4. I'm writing a short 'what-if' for Veronica Mars' second season finale, centering around Mac and Cassidy and their complicated relationship. I thought it would be done sooner than later, but hey, it's been more than a year and I'm not much further. If you're interested, message me with encouragement!

5. I'm going through a Harry Potter phase right now, specifically about Tonks - love Nat Tena! - so expect another story, probably.

6. Markiplier is on my mind right now, specifically a story about Darkiplier. I recently lost some material due to outdated technology and apps not working. No idea when I'll get it on here, but I'm entertained by my storyline. *Update: 3 somewhat connected one-shots have been posted as a single story; very twisted.*

7. A Critical Role story will be posted soon on A03, under the same account. *Update: Chapter 1 is up!*



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