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My Stories:

The Merlin Series (Harry Potter)

Status: In the Process

Dear Ebony:

Merlin's Heir, Nicolai, has been in hiding from practically EVERYONE for almost fifteen years, and after she receives an acceptance letter from Hogwarts and being adopted from almost step dad, Sirius Black, she couldn't really refuse. Not only that, but everyone seems to think that she has been dead all this time, and that Merlin's line had ended with her late mother, Elizabeth. But when Nicolai gets to Hogwarts, everyone treats her like a queen, until they realize that she's on Harry Potter's side about Voldemort being back. Did I mention that Dolores Umbridge wants to ADOPT her?! Oh yeah, life just got complicated, but that's the price someone pays for being Merlin's Heir. Did I also forget to mention that Nicolai wrote down everything in her trusty journal that UMBITCH keeps trying to steal?

Kingdom Hearts

Status: In vault (Might be discontinued)

The Guardians:

People always say that time repeats itself, and they're right. A war had happened such a long time ago, that no one remembers exactly what happened. It's not until the present time when all the secrets and all the lies comes into the light, and the boundaries between Good and Evil will blend. Who is right? And who is wrong? And whose side of the war will you be on?

X-Men/Avengers X-Over

Status: More Likely to be completed...In Progress

You're Not Alone:

Alexandria Xavier, daughter of Charles Xavier, has been gone for nearly two years trying to avoid a mutant war in Mexico City with little to no success. It wasn't until recent events when she had almost died was when a man who liked black a little too much and an eye-patch interfered and literally saved her life. He claimed to save her as a favor, and he expects her to return it back when he calls upon her. She didn't expect to teach Captain America himself for what he missed in the past seventy years. Nor did she expect to be apart of Operation: Avengers Initiative, where she has to work with a team that is literally a ticking-time bomb! Steve/OC Pairing

Harry Potter

Status: Complete

After the Storm:

Avery Jensen is a young witch who had survived the Battle of Hogwarts. Managing to keep her small family safe and alive, she reflects on the people that she failed to protect. The people who meant so much to the world they belonged to.

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