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I have created a site for finding Eric and Sookie stories and only Eric and Sookie stories. (Although I do have a section for Sookie/Eric/Godric pairings.)

Since so many people are leaving FanFiction or having their stories deleted, it can be hard to find their stories that we love. This site will help with finding the new location of their stories, as well as helping you find Sookie and Eric stories, based on topic. When finished, my locator site will have links and descriptions to all the Sookie and Eric stories I have ever read, since I joined FanFiction in 2009.

For example, I have the stories organized by the Topics, then Sub Topic

Example: Topic: True Blood, Sub Topic: Season 3

The other Main Topics are Southern Vampire Mysteries( sub topic: Book 1-12), One shots, All Human Stories (organized by Eric's Job or lack there of), Time Travel (going back to make it right), Series, Sookie and Eric Plus Godric, Funny stories, Dark Eric, Missing writers and my favorite stories. Plus I may add more topics later.

So if you are in the mood for Human Eric or Cursed Eric, He is now easy to find on my site.

I also have stories and writers on my site that have left fanfiction. (So we can still find their wonderful stories) and a place for missing stories and writers I am looking for. I try to find these missing stories and writers, so I can post the new location of their stories on my site, so other loyal readers can find them.

I currently have over have over 500 stories on my site. Please keep in mind this site is still a work in progress and I continue to sort stories and add stories almost every day. Which takes a lot of time and effort.

Over 1063 Total stories added so far! (12/24/2014)

(08/07/2015) Fanfiction is not allowing me to put a link here to the site. It is on blog spot and called story locator.

DEA Poll: There is a poll on my WordPress account for your thoughts on DEA ending.


My new wordpress site is still under construction. I am ncmiss1212 on WordPress.


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