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i finally have my own account after reading and reviewing here on fanfiction for about a million years!! (OK, its only one!)

mmk...now what??

well, i can say, like many here on fanfiction, that i am extremely random, and hope to be an author someday... though i have about as much inspiration as Antartica has sunlight and warmth!!

some stuff bout me:

i am random

i am wacky

i am very dramatic, and an artist!

usually a good speller and more of a grammar freak than is necessary!

excel in school! (sorry, i JUST HAVE TO BRAG!)

i have a philosophy: that you need to be fair,loyal,honest,trustworthy,good,nice,etc.

and that that would bring you the most happiness and wisdom and intelligence in the world!

I AM A PERFECTIONIST AND A RULES FREAK!! (like Hollyleaf; though I like her, I dont wanna kill a person and die!!)

i hate bad words, and am very insulted if one is said while i am in presence, especially if its directed at me!

i love computer games, and i have a rather weak immune system... (RaNd0M) yes, im supposed to be going to school right now, but im sick.

i am Bulgarian. (look at up in the atlas, for StarClans sake!)

i like very random words, such as: paradox, involuntary,absolutely, astigmatism, and many others!

NOW, RANDOMNESS WILL CONQUER AL--COUGH,COUGH,BIG COUGH ahh, i better get some tylenol...

some bad traits (DONT JUDGE MEEEE!!):

hold grudges (my bro spit on me when I was 5! grr!)

get annoyed easily by :stupid people,morons who don't follow the rules, haters,mean imbeciles, idiots,unfair mongrels, and more of the type!

stubborn (this is a good thing!!BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

LAAAZY!! (im not even gonna comment!!...oops! too late.)

some more info:

i really dont like flamers. i mean, i would hate them, but since there are soo many of them, it would really damage my brain,heart, and soul to have so much hate. i mean, why do people just have to be so blunt about things!? some flamers just do it for fun and to provoke an argument! it doesnt solve anything-just makes things worse!! it discourages writers and angers them, and harms the soul!! why cant flamers just say politely : well, no offense, but i didnt make much sense of your story. there was a lot of wrong grammar, and a lot of redundance. maybe you should ask someone to help you correct it, but i think it looked like an interesting idea!

but noooo! they have to go and say that youre the biggest idiot EVER! thats mean! who ever does this, please promise us authors that you will not flame us this way unless we permit you to! constuctive critisim is so much more helpful! try to think of the positive points, not how to discourage us and make us feel horrible, with despair in our heart and rage in our minds!

ok, that was a biit dramatic, but i think its true... and if for some reason you would want it on your profile, give mee credit please!! - Swirltail (i wanted to be Joysong, but I guess someones taken that name already... though I was sure it was only mine!!)

haha ok... after that note...

I AM A HUGE WARRIORS FAN!! VEEERY ADDICTED!! ( a lot of spoilers for sunrise!!)

fave(orginal!) warriors characters: Firestar(WHO DOESNT LOVE HIM?! I LOOOVEE HIM!!), Sandstorm, Bluestar, Onewhisker, Ravenpaw, Cinderpelt, Graystripe, Yellowfang,Cloudtail, Tallstar,Dustpelt(ehh, hes funny)

Firestars Quest (EEEEEPIE!!): Leafdapple(star),Echosong,Rainfur,Petalnose

New Prophecy : Feathertail, Stormfur,Brambleclaw,Squirrelflight,(i didnt like the flight much, but oh well!),Sorreltail,Leafpool,Tawnypelt,Crowfeather (when you imagine him as a grouchy plushy saying," I dont like you," he is so much funnier!!), Ashfur(dont be evil, you were cool, when you were good and loyal!)

Power of Three: Jayfeather (same as Crowfeather!!),Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Heathertail,Breezepelt(...wat?? hes funny!! of cousre he is VERY annoying sometimes, but otherwise funny!(hes just lookin for some love!)) Lionblaze (i didnt like him when he was all,"TIGERSTAR,POWER, BE THE BEST WARRIOR I CAN BE!!" mindless zombie-cat, but he got better when he became a warrior) Hollyleaf ( at the beginnning I loved her cuz she was so like me, but then when she started to hate so much, I was all ,"NOOO!! Hollyleaf, dont go to the dark side!! WAAA!!...i dont wanna become like her!)

Most unliked cats: Tigerstar (youre such a MEANIEE!!WAAAA!!),Hawkfrost (OMS, youre the stupidest one!! youre a meanie, but you arent even as cool as Tigerstar!!), Brokenstar (GRRRRRR!!), Clawface and Darkstripe (you guys are the real traitors!! REAL MEANIES!), Scourge (why Tiny?! why did you do it!?)

other cats that i didnt mention in my fave cats section, i liked very much, but theyre not my favorites! (Speckletail throws a tomato at me)

Fave pairings: FireXSand (eeeeppp!! they FINALLY got together!! AWWWW!!), GrayXSilver(awwww! cute!), FireXCinder(it was confirmed by Erin that Cinderpelt did,indeed, love Fireheart/star...poor Cinderpelt!! it woulda been cute!),RaggedXYellow,OakXBlue, CrowXFeather( i think of this as a strong fondness), CrowXLeaf(DA REAL DEAL!!EEEEP!!POOR THEM!),BrambleXSquirrel (meant to bee!!), BirchXWhite (sooo cute!!EEEP!),LionXHeather(when they were apprentices - CUTE!) BerryXHoney (ahhh...not forbidden love...but why did she hav to die!?), JayXCinder(heart) (I really think that its a nice pairing, but its probably not going to happen because Jayfeather is not one to love, and because he's a medicine cat, and has learned his mother's mistakes... still, its not bad to dream...

as much as i dont like some of these, i think Lionblaze is going to end up with either Hazeltail or Icepaw(cloud)... and I think a good mate for Poppyfrost is Thornclaw...

also, I think Spottedleaf was nice, but I didnt like how she kept reappearing in Fireheart/star's dreams! it was unnatural, like a human falling in love with a book character! i think for Firestar(paw) it was just a crush, but when she kept continuing to visit him, he actually fell even more for opinion is that they shouldnt have had Firestar fall in love like that,no matter how pretty or smart Spottedleaf was! She might have been in love with him, but she should have stayed away, for his sake of not living through the pain of forbidden love!

another (huge and, boring for you guys,probably) issue:

for people who hate Ashfur, Nightcloud, Millie,(maybe Brook) and Hollyleaf:

i think its not fair how you may be judging them! (another spoiler for sunrise! warning)

(by the way (btw!) im writing these short...stories, i guess, in the cats listed above 's POV, and im not indenting them on purpose, so you could know what story begins when!! I want to make you guys understand why these cats are not such bad characters! some things they did may be wrong, but in my opinion they are mostly good cats!!look at it from their point of view!!)

i mean, so Ashfur falls in love with Squirrelflight, who seemingly returns his feelings, and he protects her, and she doesnt argue(at least, not much). but suddenly, after the battle with the badgers where he fought to protect her, she slides away from him, and gets closer to Brambleclaw, the one who broke her heart, which Ashfur tried to mend, along with his own heart. So Squirrelflight gets affectionate with Brambeclaw, more than shes ever been with Ashfur, and she keeps on blabbering about how they,Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, are meant to be...Ashfur is in denial - did she, the one who brightened his life with her fiery temper and pelt alike, did she really lie to him, use him so she could cope without Brambleclaw?? How could she do that?? He thought they would have been mates, had kits, be proud grandparents - together! but she abandoned him!Its not fair!! and there was no one else for him to use, or to loveinstead,..like Squirrelflight had done to him... So much heartbreak, pain, and misery leads to even worse emotions...

so you really cant blame him!! i mean, the same thing might have happened with Brambleclaw if Squirrelflight remained with Ashfur!

so, Crowfeather, a cat who met Midnight the badger and traveled moors and forests to warn and ultimately save his Clan, brave,loyal, fierce Crowfeather, returned from his worthless trip away from the Clans with the ThunderClan medicine cat, Leafpool, who had no regard for the warrior code as to drag Crowfeather away from Nightcloud. Nightcloud sees that Crowfeather is very different from the apprentice she used to play and laugh with.She certainly still likes him, though she misses the old Crowpaw... She thinks that maybe he would like her that way too...Time passes and they become mates.Nightcloud couldnt be more ectsatic! she has a wonderful mate, who, though he doesnt talk to her much and is very aloof right now,will obviously be happy to know that shes expecting his kits, and he also loves Nightcloud!! Crowfeather might not show it, Nightcloud thinks, but shes sure he really does love her...well...right?? she means, he wouldnt have mated with her and become her partner if he didnt love her...right?? over the next few moons, Nightcloud isnt so sure anymore. When she told him about the kits inside her overgrown belly, he brightened just a bit and told her,"Thats very nice,Nightcloud!"...but he barely visited Breezekit in the nursery, and when he did, he wasnt nearly as fatherly as other toms who had kits. When Breezepaw was newly-apprenticed, she cheered the loudest, while Crowfeather just murmured," Breezepaw,Breezepaw!"...Now, she knows that Crowfeather cares a lot about his Clan, and is very protective, but this is just absurd!! he barely glances at her or Breezepaw anymore!! Nightcloud clings to the little, but nevertheless everlasting hope that he loves her and their kit...His family cared so much for him, yet he doesnt even notice! That shocks and hurts Nightcloud the most... she knew it from the beginning, but denied it, and never thought about his past loves anyway...How could he not love her, and strong Breezepelt, the most perfect kit of all?? Yet she carries on loving him, and tries to distance him from that medicine cat as hard as she can, knowing shes hurting both Crowfeather and that same medicine cat...oh StarClan, why did she do to have to be punished by falling in love with a traitor who doesnt love her, and have his kit, who has turned more arrogant than the whole of WindClan?!

I am very sympathetic with Nightcloud... so she isnt a favorite, but shes suffered almost as much as Crowfeather himself!

Millie loved Graystripe. She loved him and he loved her. She knew that Graystripe had loved another cat, one who had died a long time ago, but that didnt stop her or him from loving each other! Silverstream also loves Graystripe, and she only wants Graystripe to be happy and have a good life!She allowed Graystripe to have another mate, and he is thankful. In Graystripe's heart, there will always be a special place for both of them! He loved Silverstream for her grace, kindness, and loyalty, and still loves her. But he also loves Millie for her adventurous, brave, and good-hearted nature! Silverstream will not forget him, but she should, if she already hasnt, let him go, and will meet him when he is dying to lead him to StarClan, just as Spottedleaf will with Firestar.Also, Silverstream owes Millie, because she cared for Graystripe and eventually saved Silverstream's beloved, just as Millie owes Silverstream, because Silverstream made Graystripe the cat he is today! Both cats deserve him, but Millie should have him because she is still alive.When they all die, they will be together forever, and everything will be fair and equal!

(HAPPY ENDING!!)I'm actually a bigger supporter of GrayXSilver, but it really is unfair how people say that Millie stole Graystripe away from Silverstream, and all that! So she's a kittypet! If Graystripe fell in love with her, she's good enough! Besides, she's independent and cool! I like her! At least better than Daisy! I mean, not that I hate Daisy, but she jus worries too much and still remains more of a kittypet, much more than Millie!

Brook was fascinated! Here were cats, not of the mountains, but larger than they, and smelling of so many different scents! And there was one, gray with piercing amber eyes...He captured her attention the most, and not only because of the prophecy Stoneteller had uttered long ago, the one proclaiming that a silver cat, not of the tribe, would save them...it was something about him that just... made her eyes widen, brain wonder, and heart throb with excitement. Could this group save them from the accursed Sharptooth?? She became good friends with the gray one..Storm...something... was something, she couldnt put her paw on it,she just...liked him...better than the other ones. He made the day sunnier, The cliffs less steep... Later, when he and his friends found out that they were sort of imprisoning them, she was heartbroken at how coldly they-no-Stormfur, was looking at her! Brook couldnt bewlieve how she had hurt her friends... And when the Clan cats finally escaped, Brook realized that she had really fallen in love with him.Stormfur. And when they came back, with a plan and her beloved brother. She was happier than she had ever been since Sharptooth began terrorizing them! Of course, they found out the hard way when Feathertail, Stormfur's dear sister and a she-cat with a love and future, died, revealing that Feathertail was the silver cat, not Stormfur.Brook mourned her and honored the silver tabby, but she still felt extremely guilty when she thought of how relieved she was that Stormfur didn't die. When they had to go their separate ways, the loving couple promised that they would see each other. Some time later, they met all the Clans with Stormfur, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelpaw. Stormfur decided that he would stay with the Tribe of Rushing Water, and Brook was very joyful indeed. They lived well after the Clans left, but then the intruders came. They slowly killed the Tribe by stealing all their precious food, and stole much of the Tribe's way. Stormfur's idea seemed good at the time, but everyone knew in their heart that the mountain cats are not meant for battling. And so he was banished after leading a hopeless atack on what Stormfur called 'crow-food eaters'.Brook went with him, for she couldn't bear to be without her true love.And they left for the Clans. ThunderClan greeted them warmly, contrary to how RiverClan, with Hawkfrost's help of course, banished them from the territory. So for the rest of the time Brook and Stormfur stayed there and lived. It was interesting, but Brook always thought they were just visiting, nothing more, than the painful truth would slam down on her. They weren't going back to her home, the refreshing mountains(at least not that she knew before Talon and Night came). It was torture to be without her Tribemates, and not have their traditions, but to follow another Clan's rules, which most of them she found no point of.But finally, her friends came and begged for help, and she and Stormfur came, along with some other Clan cats to help. They defeated the unrighteous invaders, and made a pact with them. True, they had to follow some of the Clans' rules, and drop some Tribe traditions, but she'd rather have that than everyone die! She and Stormfur joined the Tribe of Rushing Water, and thanked the Clans. Life was overall peaceful after that...

OH WOW. that was long!! i never meant to write her whole bio!!i just got so caught up in describing her life well... For all you Brook-haters, I just want you to know that Brook didn't make Stormfur stay in the Tribe! You might've wanted him to stay in the Clans, but he chose of his own accord to stay with the Tribe and Brook!! He was more comfortable near his sister's spirit, and in the mountains with his mate!

Hollyleaf was falling apart.Everything she had believed in,worked for,everything that she had based her WHOLE LIFE ON...it was broken. It was thrust to the ground, jumped on with heavy paws, and kicked in the lake, to sink down,down along with her life. The warrior code was no more. If cats lied and betrayed and hid every day...well, there was no telling what would happen. When she found out the horrible truth, that her mother was a medicine cat, and her father was from another,stinking Clan, it hurt so much to know that your fake mother lied to you every day, and never wanted you to know the truth, and would hurt so many cats like that, with those devastating lies...that your real mother would keep a huge secret like that, that she would even dare breaking such a sacred rule, that she doesnt trust you enough to tell you that she is your real mother, that she probably doesnt love you, and doesnt care for the feelings of other cats when that terrible secret was finally unburied...Both mothers got what they deserved...And her real father...A father that doesnt love any of his kits, who would probably laugh inside and scold you outside when you or your siblings got hurt,who doesnt know his own kits, and doesnt want to know them...Who also deserved what he got, and deserves so much more misery, along with the other crow-food eaters, fox-hearted cowards!!A lot of hate, burning, scorching hate boiled inside her rageful mind.A small part of her told her she shouldnt think this way, that she's being way too savage and not understanding the situation,but Hollyleaf dismissed it.She didn't know what to hurt too much.She was already broken inside.Just like the warrior code.

hmm...i like this one the best...HAHA! i just thought of like, my best friends joining fanfiction and reviewing this in a PM!! that would be sooo funny!! : Like, Swirltail...hmm...I dont think you wrote the one about Millie that well...try again!! that would seriously be funny! and someone else would PM me and say: ...uh...dude, this is your profile, not the publishing-stories tab...


anyway, i dont think Hollyleaf is bad! She just overreacted!! i mean, think about it from her situation!! Your parents have lied to you all their life! They cheated on each other or something, and you are a mistake! i mean, thats pretty harsh...especially when they didnt trust you enough to tell you...not that im blaming Leafpool and Squirrelflight! they did what they thought was right, and i probably would have agreed had i been in the actual book! so dont blame her! sure she turned a bit...well...not that sane in the end of Sunrise, but I think she had a reason! I pity her, Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Squirrelflight!!

Just so you know, I wrote this all in one day...just came outta my head...i think it's pretty long! especially considering i'm still a bit sick!

(bragging rights! LOL)


Copy and paste this if there is a spiderweb in your house...(RaNd0M, ehh?) Joysong ~ Swirltail


You talk to yourself a lot. (haha...especially when im in school!)

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself. (e.g. here we go again... really, why do I ask myself why I talk to myself??)

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else. (e.g. 'Have you ever noticed that deliver could mean someone's liver?')(yes,yes..)

After uttering a profound piece of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs...(hmmm..i like Coke and an adventurous movie, complete with the dramatic music, to fuel my sugar rushes!)

You live off of sugar and caffeine (again, yes)

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week and then disappear off the face of the earth. (haha...something like that...)

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random. (no, just random)

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it. (most of the time, i notice at the end of it that i didnt talk about what they wanted to talk about!)

You tend to collect Bic Stics off the ground like picking pennies off the ground. (what?)

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper. (ehh...i write down things in my mind!! now prepare yourself while i blow you off the face of the Earth with my awesomeness!!)

The letters on your keyboard are wearing off. (uhhh...not really...WAA!)

You tend to correct random typos made by other people. (yes, i especially love correcting adults, such as my teacher!!)

Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. (what was that again??LOL)

People think you have A.D.D. (sometimes)

You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D. (yaa...)

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense. (Swirltail typed in: Swirltail typed in:Swirltail typed in: Swirltail typed in:Swirltail typed in: Swirltail typed in,etc.)

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason. (haha, mostly)

Your friends stopped looking at you funny when you laugh for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago. (ehh...)

And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101. (awww!! so im not good??)

(copy that into you're profile if you fit one or more of the descriptions)

adding more later!

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