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So I'm a girl who is obsessed with the "what-ifs" of any and everything. I fall head over heals for a book or TV Show and then I get a little beside myself because I can't help but wonder, "Yea, I loved it... but what if..."

I entered into a supernatural love affair back in 2006. As stubborn as I was, I didn't want to fall for the hype of anything that seemed to be a trend - like the Twilight series. But then push came to shove and a very feisty red haired co-worker insisted and then it began. Once I finished the series I was thirsty! I found fanfic to be a constant "drug" suppressant. After a few years of constant Twilight fanfic sickness - I was introduced to The Vampire Diaries. Once again stubborn, I gave it a chance and ... yea! So I've watched and watched. I tried to read the books once I got caught up on the series (thanks to Netflix), but stubborn me couldn't appreciate the difference in characters. So I really pushed my focus back on the show.

And here we are, present day... and I am obsessed with all things Bonnie and Damon! That's all there is and there is no more.

Love me!!!

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