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Hello to everyone who happens to read this. ^^ I am a writer trying to become an author. I may not succeed in that, but it's good to try.

Anyways, I usually write stories when my imagination overflows my brain, so I express it in writing form. Geez, I watch WAY too many cartoons XD

So, the story I'm working on is called Chasing Emeralds and it's about... yeah, you should read it. Obviously, it's a Sonic story because I'm not stuffed to write anything else. I might in the future though... oh, damn! Okay I'll tell you the summary because I can~ ;p

Marissa and her brother's movie night had gone horribly wrong after Doctor Eggman and Shadow crash down in the movie theater. Can things get any worse? If you consider being chased by fatso, then yes, they can.

Neat, ay? XD I keep dreaming of this and I just have to write this and share it with the world! Okay, I should probably stop typing.

TelekineticFlames signing off~

PS: Oh, and before I forget, the Sonic and Amy avatar picture is drawn by Panda-Go on deviantART, not by me. ^w^

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