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Alicia of the Temptation PM
Joined Sep '09

I've been on this site for much longer than I anticipated. Wow.

Name: Alicia.

Favorite Quote: "I'm taking a half-day!" - Iron Man (Tony Stark,) Avengers Academy. (2016)

Favorite Fandoms: Arrow, The Flash, Marvel, Naruto, Supernatural, and the Twilight Saga.

Favorite Artists/Bands: Fall Out Boy, Gerard Way, Panic! At the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots.

Description: I've been in fandoms before I even knew what a fandom was. I am emo trash, and am unashamed. I also channel my bad thoughts into angsty fics that apparently people read. Cool. Read my shit. I like watching TV, reading books, listening to music, and playing too much Pokemon and Animal Crossing. Even though I'm not in some fandoms anymore, I still write stories for them.

Have fun reading and have a good day!

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