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I love fanfiction, particularly Harry Potter Crossovers, Harry-centric, with Harry paired with a male from the crossed over fandom. I also love Harry paired with Original Male Characters.

Just so it's out there in The Void Forever: I hate fem!Harry fics.

Okay, so I finally decided to just get my shit out there for funsies. I've just graduated from college and I currently have nothing better to do, and hey, maybe my ideas will spark someone's imagination and they'll love me by writing a kick ass Harry Potter crossover.

So get ready for an influx of (shitty) incomplete pieces of thoughts on a shit-ton of Harry Potter crossover ideas (I literally just made a list and went with it - I will only share the ideas that I actually wrote some stuff down for, so I may just make a little list here of the ones that I'd like to see, but I couldn't personally think of anything creative to write other than a quick "The plot of this story, but with Harry in place of the original love interest somehow."

GENERAL DISCLAIMER cuz I'm not writing it in every freaking submission, fuck that noise

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING except the story premises and my one original character that may or may not show up - if he does, you will know; If you recognize anything else, I am claiming creative licensing since I am doing this for FUN ONLY and I am NOT a writer, I never claimed otherwise, but I have just as much right a anyone else to write stuff down and share it on whatever platform I choose.

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