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My original M/M high fantasy story (Immunity) is updated on AO3 (just remove the spaces):

https : // archiveofourown. org/series /1030773


3.9.2019: Several old readers had requested I keep them updated if I were to ever write something else. If you're interested in an original M/M fantasy read, I have posted it on AO3 under Epic Solemnity. For those who enjoyed the dynamics between my HP/LV, you may enjoy the relationship of the two main characters in Immunity.

There will be gods/goddesses, Elementals, royalty, politics, and most importantly... slow burn with character development. It is a super long story--so I know that won't appeal to most, but I wrote it with you guys in mind. I hope to see some of you there on AO3!!

Much love,


Death of Today is currently in the process of being revised. It's a slow process (so far only on chapter 13), but a process nonetheless :D I'm posting the updated chapters here as well as AO3. PS: Not sure why it's saying I updated the story--I haven't added any chapters, but I did combine two chapters together and deleted one xD If you're one to read comments from previous readers, the reviews will not line up with the story from chapter 13 onward.

FAN FICTION STORIES: Do I plan to update? Possibly. Probably. I am investing a lot of time into my original story at the moment, plus, to continue on FF stories, I'd have to reread everything. I forgot what I had planned for the story and the characters, yet I still intend to eventually finish these stories (especially Dreams and Darkness Collide)!! I'm sure everyone has lost interest... it's been years. :(

Story Translations & Broken Links:

A note regarding story translations: I have no idea who I gave permission to, and who I did not. I'm so sorry. I should have kept better track of them. Everyone has permission to translate my work into another language, just as long as there isn't already someone else doing the same thing.

LINKS/LEMONS??: I tried fixing them and they still don't work. So I copied-and-pasted the URL link for you to follow. You may need to delete some spaces and add 'dots' and 'coms', but otherwise, they should work. If not, I know my lemons are under 'Dark Cyan Star livejournal'. You should be able to Google that and find the lemons easily. The fanart, on the other hand, is more difficult to find through Google. They are in Photobucket somewhere, either under Epic Solemnity or Dark Cyan Star.

Password is "Izar".

Hopefully that helps...

Most of my very, very old works (under Dark Cyan Star) is posted to Archive of Our Own. I am not quite done posting all the stories, but I am halfway there. My pen-name is Dark_Cyan_Star. Again, I must emphasize that these are very old works and have a ton of grammar errors and facepalm moments. I do not have the time to go back and edit these works.


Lemon to Part II Chapter 26. Death of Today. -- REMOVE SPACES http: // dark-cyan-star (dot) livejournal (dot)(com) /1939. html
Lemon to Part II Chapter 31. Death of Today. -- REMOVE SPACES http: // dark-cyan-star (dot) livejournal (dot)(com) /2155. html

Fan Art: On photobucket... All of the artwork is stunning and I can't thank the artists enough. If you'd like to see Death of Today works, just go here (You need to tweak the spaces and add the dots) http (space) : (space) // s1183(dot) photobucket (dot)(com) /albums/x466/Epic_Solemnity/Death (space) /

If it prompts you for a password, which it should, just type in "Izar" with a capital 'I'.

If you'd like to see Sorrow's Hold works, just go here (Again, you need to tweak the spaces and add the dots). The password is Malphas. http (space) : // (space) s1183 (dot) photobucket (dot) (com) /user/ (space) Epic_Solemnity/library/Sorrows (space)

Misc. Fan Work: Brinbliss, a very generous reader, has done me the honor of creating a soundtrack for Death of Today. It's amazing what she was able to come up with and I can't thank her enough. If you'd like to listen to the tracks, please go here. http: (space) //www (dot) mediafire (dot) (com) /?1knfa349ewhqw

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