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Legion Of Bunnies
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~~~~ Dawwwwww! lookit the bunny! LOOK AT IT.

Legion Of Bunnies

A-Ahem! Hello there! Didn't think anyone would stumble upon these parts.
Obviously you're here because you want to know a little about me?Well...
Let's see. I'm a 17-Year-Old female who literally has too much time on her
hands. I use that spare time to write nonsense, which I upload here for you
to read. Aren't I just the kindest person EVER?

Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually a down-to-earth person...
Though I have to admit, the world of fantasy is so much better.

One of my many dream goals is to publish ONE book at the very least!

I have an overly-active imagination, and I like sharing it with others.
I hope to one day create a story the world can relate to, and love.
Big goal there, but if there's a will, there is a way. I strongly believe in that.

I have a many ways of getting into contact with me;
Gaiaonline, AIM, Yahoo, MSN ( though I rarely get on that )
, blahblahblabbityblah. If you're interested in getting to know me,
and becoming a potential friend ( Yay friend! ) you could always just
send a message my way. Give me some time, and I'll definitely get
back to you.

Other things I also like doing in my spare time ( Which I have too much of ):
Bother my lover, Sleep, Role play, Read, Draw, Play Video-Games, Sleep,
Watch Anime, Cook, Laze around, Sleep, Eat...Etc...

I have lot's of fandoms, and they are really...Random. Don't like? Don't read! Like? READ!

Uhh, that's about it. Send me a message, and tell me how much you love me. 8D

Currently Working on:

T h r e e s o m e i n H o n g K o n g - A Akurokumine fic. ( Axel x Roxas x Namine ) . Inspired by 'obliviousOUL' art piece on dA!
About the fic: Best friends; Namine, and Roxas are wandering about at the famous Mid-Autumn festival Known for it's mooncakes.
and are having a grand ol' time together. While there, they stumble upon a peculiar red-head. Whom not only piques their interest,
with his strange views of the world, but also is interested in the two teens as well.
Rated: M-Mature. For now. It'll probably get a bit smutty, though that depends in the direction it takes whilst I'm writing it. We'll see.

T a n t a l u s C h r o n i c l e s A-Z- FFIX alphabet soup with my favorite group EVER.

P u p p e t a n d t h e C u t s t r i n g s - A Jurioriuka fic ( Juri x Shiori x Ruka ) Storyline still being thought of.

S c h o o l T i m e H E L L - Avatar The Last Airbender fic. Pairings include - ( Zutara, Teoph, Sukka/Yukka, On Jaang, The Muke, JetLee, MaiLee, AzuLee, etc..)

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