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My name is Stephie I am 17. I am single but don't want to be . I love Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, King of Queens, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, and many others.

My moto is life short talk fast

I learned everything in life from Gilmore Girls

1. All bad girls wear red nail polish.
2. Coffee is a girl’s best friend.
3. Bagels are like glue in your intestines.
4. “Oi” is one of the funniest words in the world.
5. Brazzelfrat and snicklefritz are essentials words for life.
6. You can be “normal” special and then you can be “stop eating the paste” special.
7. The plural of “cul-de-sac” is “culs-de-sac.”
8. Snow is magical.
9. The difference between cows and humans is hay.
10. Fries are the devil’s starchy fingers.
11. When making the largest pizza in the world, stay clear of the hot cheese.
12. Ethics are highly subjective and completely overrated.
13. A banana eating contest isn’t always about eating a banana.
14. It’s much better to have a haunted leg than a cold.
15. Childbirth is like doing the splits on a case of dynamite.
16. Ladies don’t even look at puddles.
17. If you’re frustrated with someone, just push them in a lake.
18. A “kropog” is a unit of distance not volume.
19. College is good for the skin.
20. Candy bars are chocolate covered death with a caramel surprise.
21. Once your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron.
22. When you’re dating someone, never dress weather appropriate.
23. Rich people have hilarious sock drawers.
24. (FAVORITE) Never ever let someone steal your study tree.
25. Mondays are bad, but they come around eventually.
26. If you think your eye is swelling, maybe your face is shrinking.
27. Smart girls are mean.
28. Your virtue is a gift. If you give away your virtue to the wrong man, then when the right man comes along you’ll have no gift to give him, and you’ll have to give him a sweater.
29. Answer the pepperoni.
30. Cooper Boom is a phrase used to speed people up.
31. Ladies don’t do anything for themselves.
32. Kids always have jam on their hands, even if there isn’t any jam in the house.
33. Waffle is a good modeling name if you’re from Belguim.
34. It’s good to have choices when deciding what to do with your life.
35. Always learn the last name of the guy you’re going on a date with so that you don’t have to make up a last name like Grimauldi to tell your mother.
36. Booze is grown-up milk and cookies.
37. Almost anything can be “dirty.”
38. Saying “coffee coffee coffee” doesn’t mean you want three coffees.
39. All grown-up women own a Hello Kitty waffle iron.
40. Always carry a book.
41. Backward baseball caps and flannel never go out of style.
42. Wallowing is an important first step after a break-up.
43. Important decisions can be made through pro/con lists.
44. Sometimes you’ve just gotta deviled egg a car.
45. Stay away from windows when drinking.
46. You can’t watch “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” without massive amounts of candy.
47. Always make friends with the girls who have the emergency pop-tarts.
48. Mexican food makes good hangover food.
49. You should make ex-boyfriend boxes because you’ll want all that stuff later.
50. It is very important to find a man who can pick out good jewelry.

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