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My name is Katarina, but I usually go by the nickname Katie. Just to warn you, I frequently update and change my profile because I'm a person who changes their mind a lot. My Myers Briggs Personality type is INFP (Introverted, intuitive, feeling, and percieving.) I'm a Harry Potter fan. I've recently finished reading the seventh Harry Potter book, and it was a lot better than the sixth book, but not as good as POA or Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I'm not a Christian anymore. It's not because there is no scientific evidence for it, but for personal reasons. On most Sorting quizzes, I get Ravenclaw. However, I took a very long and psychological test and got these scores: Gryffindor: 40. Ravenclaw: 66. Hufflepuff: 52. Slytherin: 64. Here is a link to the quiz: http:///tests/ccq_hogwarts.htm I've changed my mind. Now that I think about it, I actually favor intelligence over loyalty. And sense your Hogwarts House is about what you value the most, I guess I'm really a Ravenclaw.

I'm sorry, but I've mostly given up on the Twilight rewrite. I just lack the motivation to continue it. Also, you might of been wondering why I have so many Tom Riddle fanfics on my favorites list. Don't get me wrong, I know he's evil, and that he's a bad person. I just find his character fascinating. I definitely don't have a high opinion of him--he's too evil and prejudiced for that--but I pity him. He never was loved, and never loved anyone in his life. I don't know about you, but that paints a hideous picture of his life in my opinion. After all, everyone deserves at least *some* love and empathy in their life. Not only that, but I know that even terrible people have good in them, however small it may be.

Star Wars is another one of my interests. I've only seen the movies, so I can't say I'm an official fan, but I enjoy the movies. Unlike most people who like Star Wars, I actually like the prequels. The reason is Anakin Skywalker. While most people may think he's whiny, I don't. In fact, I rather like him. Even though he's done terrible things, he, unlike Tom Riddle, is a good person. In fact, I like his character so much that I've typed him and sorted him into a Hogwarts House. His MBTI type is most likely ESFP, although it might be ENFP. His House is pretty obvious--he's definitely got that Hero complex thing going on, and is a true Gryffindor.

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