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SO! I've been gone since 2010 and left a few stories unfinished. I've got the greatest fans EVER who haven't given up on me and who have got on my @$$ for me to get back to work. And here I am back in the game. I love hearing from you guys so please comment, comment, comment! It's what keeps me motivated. If I don't update super fast like I used to it's only because I am working on an actual novel to (hopefully) be up there in the big leagues. It takes up a lot of my time as grammatical errors and run on sentences are not much forgiven in the real world. This is my side hobby that keeps me directly in touch with the people who help me grow. So... now I'm rambling. I digress... again... LOL!

Hope to hear from you all soon! Contructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome.


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