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Hello, I'm 39, a wife and mother of a beautiful, smart and sassy 5-year-old little girl! I discovered TwiFic from a Twilight Mom who is as obsessed as I am. I was told to read the books by my 16-year-old sister. I didn't until the movie came out and then had no choice but to read the books. I was completely hooked! I l found myself wishing the story and characters wouldn't end. I just felt a loss and longing for their stories to continue. After discovering FF I regularly regard it as my "own personal brand of heroine." It is an addiction that I cannot seem to quit, nor do I wish to. I don't write and don't ever plan on writing. I'm just not that talented. I enjoy reading and escaping my own reality. I thank each and every one of the authors here for giving me my fix and escape! It's a pleasure to lose my self in your imaginations. There are some wonderful talents here on FF and I am just awed. Thank you.

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