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Oh hi. Didn't see you there.

There is a girl usernamed lalalovekhr who is my sister~ She's an awesome writer, an awesome listener and an awesome everything! x3

Story Progress

A Rose Among Weeds

Getting Chapter 9 set up in a format that fit what I believe is what my original interpretation of the story was. Because I didn't write it down, and I realized that I'm going way off course from what my summary and chapter 1 has. (AU!!! 1827)

Cafe Rumba
He'd blown his last chance to make it as a professional dancer. In need of a job, he decides to work for the ridiculously rich Arcobalenos.
all27, I suppose v^^v" [currently still in progress due to a blockage of ideas for this certain story] (AU!!! Arcobaleno27)

Squirting Grapefuits

Finished editing chapter 1 and in the middle of writing chapter two. (B27)

Memory's Fragments

Chapter three is well in progress, and I'm working on fitting some hints of R27 in there. It's an All27 story, but the resulting pairing will be R27. (Slight AU!)

Extra Credit

Tsuna's failing grade in the class he'd laid his future out on forces him to take on more work and take an extra class. He chooses Dream Interpretation, and begins an eight week adventure in a side of life he'd never seen before. (AU!!! 1827)

1 Minute biography :3



-Singer (Choir&Not Choir)


-Voice Actress (Aspiring)



-Artist (Aspiring)

-Currently living a life of music, writing, yaoi and cartoons/video-gaming

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