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Wow. It's taken me a while but I'm finally back with this account up and running. The email address I previously used for this account was (unfortunately) hacked into and I've only just now worked out how to change it on here. I can't believe it was staring me right in the face but I never thought to actually do it. Oh well, I'm back for good now.

I am Kazz. I'm 25 years old and I live in the South East/East Midlands (I can never be sure) of England. Well let's just say it's about an hour or so away from London and leave it at that.

Fandoms include: Most of the Final Fantasy series (FFXII being my absolute favourite, FFXIII being my absolute opposite of favourite) Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Divergent, Dragon Age, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Tolkien, Inglourious Basterds and loads more!

The Final Fantasy series has been a love of mine for many years. FFXII and Dissidia have gotten me through some really bad times.

I enjoy music as much as I enjoy reading and playing games. I couldn't live without listening to music every day. My favourite bands of all time include Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Ghost, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Fall Out Boy and Rammstein. George Harrison and Dave Grohl are my favourite musicians. My favourite composer is Gustav Holst.

I also love all Final Fantasy music. Nobuo Uematsu is a personal hero and so is Hitoshi Sakimoto. I'm off to Distant Worlds in London this year (Nov 2014) for the first time and I'm so excited. If they play anything from XII or Zanarkand I will absolutely bawl my eyes out.

I am obsessed with anything/everything to do with J.R.R Tolkien to the point where it's beyond silly. I prefer the books to the films, but I love the films too. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I like the Hobbit films, but that's just my taste.

Gabranth is my favourite character of anything ever. Any attempts to persuade me otherwise are futile and should not be attempted. I also have a very
unhealthy obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch and Gideon Emery. Any one with voices that hot just beg for it really.

Updates on my stories : Ugh. I have some form of apology to make. I don't think I can carry on with Into The Heart Of Oblivion at all. I love the characters but Gods, it needs a complete upheaval and so does The Unlikely Warrior. Fool Me Once will get updated but I'm not sure when.

Currently planning (another) FFXII fic with the working title of If You Have Ghosts. I should be starting that one soon but I'm so disheartened by my writing ability (or lack of) at the moment that it's hard to start. I would also like to say that I do suffer with anxiety and depression and one of the symptoms of that is my forgetfulness, my absolute inability to pay attention to anything for too long, and the fact that I doubt myself so much it's hard to say what I like about the way I write. I can't organise a party in a brewery as my Mum would say (although she uses different words to that) and I so badly want to get this story right.

If you have any questions/queries/want to talk to me about stuff/ then please, send me a PM. I'm very friendly :)

You can also contact me on Twitter or Tumblr

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