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Welcome to my profile!

My individual fanfic current chapter status and info is at the bottom. Shoot me a PM if you have a question other than "When is Chapter X of Story Y coming out?" Answer: When it's finished =)

Here's a small bit about myself on this site.

I've been writing as a hobby for about fifteen years at this point, though it's never gotten much further than having fun here. I know that a lot of authors either practice their craft with fanfiction or something like that, but that's not me, as fun as it may have been. Interweaving plots and character development is tons of fun. Fights are a weaker area of mine. I've got a very wide variety of interests on this site. I tend to go through phases with everything, looking at new characters, writing forms, anything really that changes the formula. Probably the most consistent thing that I enjoy both in what I read and write is the chase of something. A goal, a romance, a prize, a whatever-you-like, but something that is being chased. It's a great part of any story, and I do tend to lose interest when the chase ends. Something to try and push through to be sure. There are some damn good authors on here that I seriously respect for their vision and hard work. I try not to flood my favorites list with stuff that I thought was just a good read. Of course, I've also got some sentimental gems in there, despite their maybe questionable position with the others.

Please review everything you read (here or not) in a supportive manner. Even if you're telling them it sucks. Opinions are valued, but it doesn't cost anything to phrase them well.

ABOUT MY STORIES (FYI: Priority refers to how much time I work on the fic in comparison to others, NOT how likely a chapter is to be released)

The Merging (Harry Potter) -Complete, active priority 1.5, DLC tbd- (Apologies if this updates w/o a new chapter, ffn sometimes kills all formatting and needs fixing, such a pain)

"There’s a certain kind of Harry Potter fanfic that goes something like this: after Sirius/Cedric dies, Harry decides to start taking shit seriously, has a vision/finds his parents’ will/trains really hard, then gives Dumbledore and the Order the finger and starts kicking independent ass. There’s a reason such stories resonate with people, a reason they’re popular. Harry, in canon, for all his virtues, is lamentably passive. But what most authors do is spend about one chapter molding Harry into the Harry they want, and go from there. The Merging is different. It takes its time. The changes are gradual, and they feel organic. Every way he asserts himself – magically, with Dumbledore, with his professors, with girls – comes in fits and starts and is kind of messy. Traditional punching bags like Molly Weasley are given fair treatment, and come out in shades of grey. This one takes a few chapters to really hit its stride, but it’s well written, funny at times, and puts you in the head of an authentically developing independent Harry Potter."

If that wasn't enough, this story is about HP assimilating with the horcrux in himself before 5th year starts and setting up a chain of events that really takes us away from canon after some time. It's kind of crazy how it all ends up. It is not a "change Harry's personality by chapter 2 story." Why draw attention to it in so many ways if it doesn't have instant payoff? No matter how you slice it, it is the most significantly impactful thing to happen to our hero.

My thoughts: Now that I'm ACTUALLY FREAKING DONE (with the main story), I'm amazed at how many iterations this story has gone through behind the scenes. It started somewhere so different and has become something else entirely, mainly due to very long breaks that I took for life stuff. The story suffered in the interim, but overall I think I did the story justive. I'm honestly proud of what I've put together here and I think it's one of the better HP fics on this site. Certainly at least some people agree with me. #nohumility

History of betas: HawaDL, Newcomb

Cover art by Lizzyeth (this lady is crazy good, look her up)

The Merging Chapter Status:

Chapter 30 is up! This is a short interlude that takes place a few chapters before the end of the story. Chapter 31 is in the works.

TBD (My Hero Academia) -active, priority 1-

This is my latest project that I've become interested in. I'll put up a proper summery and thoughts here after I post the first couple chapters.

The Infinity League: Origins (Pokemon) -active, priority 4-

The Infinity League is a story about Ash’s adventures after Sinnoh, discounting literally everything canon from the league tournament forward. There's a lot of new plots going on including the Aura Guardians, Pokemon Hunters, and even some people you didn't even know existed. Trust me this thing gets crazy. Nothing is as it seems in this.

(The original is up on my page for old fans and because it was my first attempt at publishing something I'd written. Didn't feel right to just axe it from the profile)

My thoughts: It’s only got Chapter 1-2 out at the moment and this is probably the most intensely complex story I've ever devised. Way past The Merging. It's a helluva trip to be a Pokémon trainer like Ash Ketchum and Pokémon has always been one of my favorite worlds.

The Infinity League Chapter Status:

Chapter 4 is out! What a shocker there, but woohoo!

Seven (Naruto) -active, priority 2-

The basic plot of this story that I've been working on recently is a typical time travel fic but with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. None of them know the others were sent back as well, and they each try to change the future in their own way. It's mainly a friendship and humor fic. It's meant to just be fun. This is being purposely written with little to no future planning, I just want it to be and feel spontaneous. I also kinda want nothing to do with the overarching mega final boss thing that Naruto has going for it in the shadows. So I'll ignore that until it becomes a glaring issue lol. Consider it an experiment of sorts.

Seven Chapter Status:

Chapter 14 is out. Everyone should have a story like this that they work on. Pure fun every step of the way.

The One Night Stand (Tales of Legendia) -HIATUS-

This is a pseudo self insert into Tales of Legendia, one of my favorite games of all time. Short chapters and great fun. Read it if you like Tales games, especially this one. I don't think anyone's ever done what I'm doing here. Even I think I've gone a bit far...

My thoughts: Anyway, another fic written more for me than not. Also the fandom of Tales stuff is tiny, especially ToL. I'll get to this randomly.

The One Night Stand Chapter Status:

Unpublished. This is currently being reworked from the ground up. It will be republished.

Kill Bill (Pokemon) -HIATUS-

Kill Bill is a story about a somewhat troubled teenage boy who ends up being mistakenly used in one of Bill's experiments and is turned into a Zangoose. He escapes from Bill's home and runs for his life, getting super lost and ending up going on an adventure of sorts. Freelancing for a while until he inadvertently gets his ass captured like an idiot. It's not gritty, but it's not fluffy that's for sure.

My thoughts: I think it's a fun idea. Pokemon fics are great for adventures, but it's uncommon for that to happen with the MC in this kind of a situation.

Kill Bill Chapter Status:

This isn't published as I removed what was there earlier. I'll publish it once I finish writing it in my spare time. So 3000 something at this rate...

Mystery Solved... (Pokemon/Naruto Xover)

Yeah figured I'd add this here cuz I did write it, though I took it down. It was just a fun, script style oneshot back from before when Naruto had anything about his mother in there. Pure humor. Ash and Naruto are brothers. Mash the two worlds together.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to partner555 for his enjoyment of The Infinity League, which actually inspired not only his short fanfic based off of TIL but for him to make a tvtropes page for it.

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