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Just a quick note. My pen-name is now Theta23.

Hi. I'm completely mad, but I've been told I'm a genius, though that's still dubious. Enjoy my ramblings. Don't read too much into them.

UPDATE: Serious revising and cringing going on here. 'Like you care' has been deleted, 'Can't think of a title' is going to be renamed and completely rewritten and 'Revenge is ice-cream' has also been deleted. 'Alexandria Black' will be continued, and I'll probably rewrite it when it's finished. All this is purely because I can't read half of my stories without flinching. In particular, any of you who put up with 'Like you care', I apologise wholeheartedly.

'Alexandria Black' is on a hiatus, because it's so far removed from canon that it requires an awful lot of explanation. Because explaining all of it in A/Ns would take far too long, and because I was writing one anyway, a semi-prequel has been uploaded. It's called 'Ex Umbrae' and it's set directly after the Second Wizarding War. It explains how people who were previously mortal enemies became friends, and how House unity at Hogwarts really came about.

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